Moffat County Solid Waste Department gears up for post-Christmas boom |

Moffat County Solid Waste Department gears up for post-Christmas boom


The Moffat County Solid Waste Department is gearing up to deal with a post-Christmas garbage boom. The trash is usually transported to the Moffat County Municipal Solid Waste facility.

That Christmas garbage boom is something that the foreman for the Solid Waste Department Rod Durham expects.

“Christmas has a lot of extra trash due to the Christmas wrapping stuff so they will have quite a bit more,” said Durham. “There will probably be a little bit more out there than there is on a normal week.”

With the landfill closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, the city is running multiple trucks.

“It being on a Friday so trash is doubling up this week, so yeah we’re going to be a little busier because we’re doing twice the pickups,” said Doyle Updike, Moffat County Municipal Solid Waste,equipment operator. “We work around the city, we’re going to be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas so they are running double trucks all week this week until we get back to normal on Monday.”

With New Year’s Eve only around a week after Christmas, the Solid Waste Department is preparing for the increase in garbage for that week.

“They’ll have to pick up New Years Day on Friday, so they’ll have to pick up Thursday and Friday on Thursday,” Durham said.

The Christmas schedule makes it difficult to judge how busy the landfill will be but both Updike and Durham say that it will pick up the week after Christmas.

“It varies, it hasn’t been real busy the last few years, it will be pretty slow, usually the week after it kind of picks up,” Updike said. “They’ll be extra trash, there will be a lot more, it will be busy,” Durham said.

Rod Durham believes that the trash compactor will properly be able to deal with all of the trash that is produced as a result of the Christmas holiday.

“The compaction is good enough on it, so there won’t be a lot of difference, we might have a load or two more throughout the week but that will be it,” said Durham.

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