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Letters to the editor

Tom Mingen: Thanks to Victory Motors for great service

August 12, 2019

To Steve Maneotis and Tony Maneotis Dear Sirs, We just returned from a fantastic vacation trip that took us through Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, and finally back home yesterday. I say fantastic since your dealership...

John Knoche: Kudos to Road and Bridge

August 10, 2019

How about some positive input about the Craig Road and Bridge Department? I’d like to take a minute to thank all of you guys for what you do. Our trash is picked up on a...

Ed Wilkinson: Doesn’t anyone care anymore?

August 6, 2019

The City of Craig has chip-sealed and overlayed many streets around town in the last few years. The utility holes are now anywhere form 2” to 4” below the surface of the streets. Driving over...

John Kinkaid: What do they do?

July 23, 2019

What exactly are our elected officials doing for us? I’ve been trying to think of things that Scott Tipton and Bob Rankin have accomplished on our behalf. I can’t come up with anything that they...

Fred Malo, Jr.: Go West, BLM, but not here

July 23, 2019

Moving the Bureau of Land Management to the West is a good idea. Ninety percent of BLM land is in the West. But not Grand Junction! BLM personnel will already be coming in with plenty...

VFW Post 4265: Apologies to Yampa Valley Bank

July 16, 2019

Our sincere apologies to Yampa Valley Bank for failing to include you in our thank you list last week. They donate $400 annually in change to the kids’ money search. Craig V.F.W. hopes that you’ll...

Melvin and Joan Snyder: Building use

July 11, 2019

To the taxpayers of Moffat County, the Moffat County School Board and The Memorial Hospital Board. We have a lot of concern regarding the Yampa School Building that has been used for an educational building...

Dave Wallace: Treatment center concerns

July 10, 2019

As the Historic Yampa School Building remains as the collision destination of a runaway train, I continue to mull over several concerns which have yet to be addressed. Having heard many references to the high...

Allen Hischke: Don’t pass up money

July 4, 2019

Some people have been asking why the City Council continues to revisit the recreational marijuana issue after the many defeats. Here are my reasons for this, even though I am not involved with it. I...

Robin Schiffbauer: Fortunate to have our hospital

July 4, 2019

After seeing a segment on CBS Sunday Morning News, I realized how fortunate we are to have a facility such as Memorial Regional Health. There are so many rural hospitals closing due to financial struggles...

Liz Johnson: Thanks for latest dinosaur addition

July 2, 2019

When I returned from two weeks of rugged paleontology field work, I was filled with thanks and gratitude as “Blue” greeted me in the halls of Colorado Northwestern Community College.