Get to know the new director of public health for Moffat, Routt and Jackson Counties |

Get to know the new director of public health for Moffat, Routt and Jackson Counties

Director of Public Health Kari Ladrow works in her Craig office.
Sasha Nelson/staff
Where to find herNorthwest Colorado Health Director of Public Health Kari Ladrow745 Russell Street Craig Phone: 970-824-8233 Fax 970-824-2548

CRAIG — The new director of public health for Moffat, Routt and Jackson counties is part of a tradition of state-supported public health, established in 1977 with the formation of the Colorado State Board of Health by an act of Colorado’s First General Assembly.

“The board was charged with the collection and study of vital statistics as a means of determining the causes of illness and death, the control of epidemics and contagious disease and advice on proper sources of water supplies and places of sewage disposal,” according to the 1969 publication “Health in Colorado: The First One Hundred Year.”

In modern times, public health providers across the state support the work of the board of health by continuing to collect vital statistics and improving health and wellbeing in Colorado communities, as described by Kari Ladrow, new Northwest Colorado Health Public Health Director for Moffat, Routt and Jackson counties.

Craig Press: What did you do prior to becoming director of public health?

Ladrow: For nine years, I worked in the healthcare industry as the regional director of case management for HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospitals and was responsible for the oversight of case management departments and patient experience at 16 hospitals in six states (Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and California).

Prior to that, I worked at a community-centered board — The Resource Exchange — for nine years in early intervention with children and families, as well as adults with developmental disabilities.

CP: What does it take to become director of public health?

Ladrow: I am a licensed clinical social worker with my master’s degree in social work and am a certified case manager. It also takes the desire to serve the community and a passion for efficiency and a good steward of the resources given.

CP: Where do you live?

Ladrow: I live in Routt County but split my time evenly between Routt County and Moffat County and have offices at both locations.

CP: What do you enjoy doing when not at work?

Ladrow: I enjoy spending time with my family and healthy activities that do not involve technology — running, being outside, cooking healthy meals, traveling — giving thanks to God every day for every day.

CP: What does your job entail?

Ladrow: Serving the communities by managing programs with the goal of achieving optimal health.

CP: How does your work impact the community?

Ladrow: Having a healthy community and caring for the most vulnerable populations creates the opportunity for vitality.

CP: How is your position funded?

Ladrow: Through the state.

CP: What’s one interesting fact about your work?

Ladrow: The amazing work Northwest Colorado Health does serves from prenatal to end of life care.

CP: What’s one fun fact about you?

Ladrow: I grew up with a military family and lived in Germany, Italy and England, as well as having worked in an orphanage in Dornesti, Romania.

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