New winners emerge at Hayden Speedway |

New winners emerge at Hayden Speedway

Ben Bulkeley

Races June 26 at the Hayden Speedway featured several new winners during the third week of racing.

During the Speedway's regular show, every class featured a different winner than the June 5 races.

In the Sport Stock race, Casey Madsen was able to gain a late lead and hold on for the win over Carolyn Gochee, Travis Goodwin and Isadora Hitz.

The street stock race saw Andrew George win over Rhonda Wisecup.

In both the first heat and main event in the Super Street races, Brent Chamberlain finished first, Heath Chamberlain was second and Tom Holiday was third.

Jason Davis was first in the Late Model main event, while Orlan Anderson was second and Rocky Wisecup was third.

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In the modified class, Greg Kolbaba was able to hold off Rock Springs' Paul Peterson for first.

"It was tough," Kolbaba said. "It was a battle."

The match-up between Kolbaba and Peterson went back and forth for the last several laps, with Peterson almost overtaking Kolbaba on the third turn.

"I didn't know if he was behind me or not," Kolbaba said. "He almost caught me at the end."

Having several drivers all competing for the top spot makes racing more fun, Kolbaba said.

"It's a lot more fun when you have two guys beating each-other up for it," he said.

Hayden Speedway results from June 26

First heat:

  1. Carolyn Gochee
  2. Casey Madsen
  3. Isadora Hitz

Main event:

  1. Casey Madsen
  2. Carolyn Gochee
  3. Travis Goodwin

Street Stock

First heat:

  1. Rhonda Wisecup
  2. Andrew George

Main event:

  1. Andrew George
  2. Rhonda Wisecup

Super Street

First heat:

  1. Brent Chamberlain
  2. Heath Chamberlain
  3. Tom Holiday

Main event:

  1. Brent Chamberlain
  2. Heath Chamberlain
  3. Tom Holiday


Main event:

  1. Greg Kolbaba
  2. Paul Peterson
  3. Chance Harms
  4. Levi Pumell

Late Model

First heat:

  1. Chris Gibson
  2. Jason Davis
  3. Steve Gray

Main event:

  1. Jason Davis
  2. Orlan Anderson
  3. Rocky Wisecup

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