Scranton Column: Build it and he will come |

Scranton Column: Build it and he will come


Remember Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner? The subject was baseball but the theme was about dreams and holding on to things we believe in and hold dear to our heart. He did build it, much to the amazement (and vexation) of friends and neighbors – and they did come! His hero of yesteryear literally walked out from the cornfield and onto the baseball field Costner’s character had constructed. It was a lighthearted, late 1980’s attempt at stirring our better angels and helping us see that the fruition of any dream is really found in the construction of our attitudes and values as we try to make our dreams come true.

Boy, things are different today! Politicians in Washington are building quite a bit of hate based on a combination of the actions of some particularly dumb people – and a whole bunch of hyperbole. People around the country are building some pretty strong (and high) walls regarding those who they don’t agree with and it’s easy to get caught up in the easy construction of hype and overgeneralizations.

2021 is going to give every one of us an opportunity to build whatever it is that we think is going to get us through the next two years when all of this political posturing will start again. Trying to figure out what is going to allow all of us to find a way to get along is going to take more than avoiding the issues or not talking to people that you have disagreements with politically. Some people will just shut down and hope for the best while others will do everything that they can to expose the truth.

All issues aside, it’s going to be a difficult few years with politicians leaving office who feel cheated, while those coming into power get to push the narrative. Maybe I’m dreaming but it could be that each of us could build a little bit better ability to listen and allow people we might not agree with to share their views and inform us. One thing is certain; we can’t move forward without each other and our community depends on each of us figuring out how to figure this out!

I’m building hope that whatever happens (and some of it is going to be controversial, and difficult, and upsetting) it’s more important that each of us take a deep breath and maybe count to ten before we unleash our social media opinions and stir up the comments section! It’s going to be a rough ride for some of us but I think if we channel our best attitude about things we can get out of the cornfield and onto our field of dreams.

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