Prather’s Pick: A Halloween book |

Prather’s Pick: A Halloween book

Rob Scotton, who lives in England, is the author and illustrator of four picture books for children about the adventure of Splat, a black cat with big white eyes. This week’s book, “Scaredy-Cat Splat,” celebrates Halloween.

Splat is a scaredy-cat, indeed. It’s Halloween, and Splat is afraid of a silly-looking spider that’s walking around on Splat’s jack-o’-lantern. The spider has big eyes and teeth that stick out all around its mouth. He seems amused by the frightened look on Splat’s face. Splat says that the spider is small and hairy with really funny eyes. Splat’s mother reminds him that he’s also small and hairy with really funny eyes.

Seymour, a mouse, peers out from one of the eye openings in the jack-o’-lantern. The reader will find him in about every illustration in the book.

Splat’s mother catches the spider and puts him in a jar. He looks even more ridiculous, but Splat isn’t as scared of him now that he’s caught. In fact, Splat wants to take the spider to school with him for Halloween. Splat finds the broom in the closet and sits astride it. He says he is a scary witch’s cat—that is until he trips over his tail and breaks the broom in half.

Splat’s costume is ruined. Boy, is he upset. Even Seymour can’t console Splat, but his mother stuffs some orange and green socks with newspaper and ties them to her son. He looks like a cat with tentacles. Splat thinks he’s a scary sock spider.

Splat puts the jack-o’-lantern, with the trapped spider in the jar and Seymour on top, and they head for school. On the way they meet up with two other cats—Spike, dressed as a mummy, and Plank, dressed as a skeleton. (The mummy costume is amusing because the cat is wrapped up with some white cloth strips that are held together by a rather large safety pin.)

Splat makes a scary face and growls. The mummy and skeleton cry “Boo!”Splat and Seymour jump into the air and land in a big heap. Then they all go right on to cat school. There are more scares in store for Splat when the teacher, Mrs. Wimpydimple, whispers a ghost-story. Will Splat win a prize?

This fun book is published by Harper, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers (2010). The hardcover books are $16.99. You can also find this book in the children’s room at the Craig Moffat County Library.

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