Together: Trust, respect carry Camps to success as business partners amid 30 years of marriage |

Together: Trust, respect carry Camps to success as business partners amid 30 years of marriage

Dale and Andrea Camp, behind the counter inside West Theatre.
Joshua Carney

Northwest Colorado has always been home to Dale and Andrea Camp. It’s where they grew up and went to school, where they first met and started dating in 1985, and where they’ve kept their roots and raised a family.

Together, the Camps have accomplished quite a lot in Moffat County. Where they’re leaving the biggest impact though is within the economy, investing in local businesses while also trying to make a difference at the local government as well.

Things sure have changed locally for the Camps over years. Agriculture has dwindled, as has the mom and pop shops that were once a staple of the community. In are the days of Amazon delivering in two days, and families going to the grocery store to stock up on food, rather than growing and raising food yourself.

Through a pride in local business and a burning desire to see Craig and Moffat County as a whole thrive through impending tough economic times, the Camps are pushing all their chips in locally.

The couple recently invested in the West Theatre with Victor and Amy Updike, rebooting a long-standing community staple, while Andrea also serves on city council and works full-time as a real estate agent at Country Living, LLC.

“Craig is very blessed to have her in that role, because she cares so much,” Dale said. “Not only does she care about me and our family, she cares about the community, and everyone moving into the community

The couple met back in 1985 in high school and went into an on-and-off relationship until 1987, relying on long-distance phone calls to stay connected from Craig to Hayden. Later, they were married in 1990 and are closing in on 30 years as a married couple, a milestone they’ll hit in July.

The key, to both a successful marriage and a successful business partnership, is honesty, trust and respect.

“Respect is one of the biggest ones,” Andrea said. “We enjoy doing the same things and enjoy spending time together…it’s important to find those. Plus, we enjoy working together, whether that’s on the movie theater or on other projects we’ve worked on in the past at our house or in the community. We enjoy spending time together; that’s never really changed.”

Fortunately for the Camps, the venture into the movie theater business wasn’t their first foray into business as a couple. The pair owned and operated carpet-cleaning company Great Divide Cleaning Service for 18 years. That experience, and the potential to give back to the community and create a positive environment led to the movie theater investment.

“We didn’t want to see another empty building, especially along the main street here in town,” Andrea said. “We’re fortunate we were able to find a partner in Amy and Victor, and we’re grateful we’re able to give back to the community in some way.”

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for the couple, but they say they’re just getting started.

“Everybody is just thankful,” Dale said. “They’re thankful we’re keeping it in town. But this is just the beginning too; we’ve got a long ways to go yet. Showing a lot of pride locally was important; it makes you feel really good.”

On the surface, it appears that the Camps are so busy that they might not have time for each other. Through the years though they’ve found that work-life balance families strive for. At this point in their career, Valentine’s Day could seem like just another day in the year, but the Camps are going to take the time to spend it together.

Of course, they’ll do it locally.

“We’re going to head over to the fundraiser dinner at the golf course,” Andrea said. “We’re going to head over and support that and take pride in a local business.”

The Camps added that they’ll celebrate 30 years together with a trip either this summer or fall, and will likely wide up somewhere in the Carolinas.

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