Thomas J. Knez: Save the barn or NOT! |

Thomas J. Knez: Save the barn or NOT!

To the editor:To the editor:

To the editor:

It seems to me that the Moffat County Commissioners are willing to waste $100,000 to save the barn and the committee to save it has gotten pledges for $30,000 toward restoration cost.

My question to the county commissioners and the committee to save the barn is, who is going to pay for the upkeep once it is restored, and who will be in charge of it? If it’s the committee to save it where in the heck have they been when it was falling down the last 15 years and who will be there the next 15 years when it is falling down again…

It seems to me to let the barn go and let the $100,000 go to a better use.

Maybe we need to get Trump to come in and help our county commissioners make a reasonable decisions and help in the places that our community could really use it. One place that comes to mid is the senior citizens that need some snow plowing help so they can safely get to and from their mailboxes and out in the streets safely. Much better cause than to keep a falling down old barn that no one wants to keep up. I could see if we put that kind of money into a modern building that was used more than 10 times a year and someone or some committee was willing to take the challenge of keeping it in good condition.

We have the pavilion that is a good place for parties, the Center of Craig and how many times a year are all of them booked on the same occasion, think ahead and think where your money could be of good use!

I have lived here all my life and I’m tired of being a part of the silent majority. People that think that this is a waste and may have a different view of where the money should be spent should contact the Moffat County Commissioners.

Thomas J. KnezThomas J. Knez

Thomas J. Knez


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