Shanna Toft-Johnson: Government should help legal citizens |

Shanna Toft-Johnson: Government should help legal citizens

To the editor:

I do not blame illegal immigrants for wanting to come to our country to make a better life for themselves and their families. But it sickens me that we are giving our state funds to them when we cannot take care of our native citizens.

My husband and I are native-born American citizens, yet we cannot receive any help in our current time of need.

My husband had a very good job, but he was laid off two months earlier than anticipated, which severely cut into our finances. It became increasingly more difficult to support our family of five (soon to be six). My husband obtained employment, but lost that job because of wrist injuries.

We asked the Department of Human Services for help, but we were denied. I am not allowed to work outside of my home because of my pregnancy, and my husband is not supposed to work until his wrists are healed.

My self-employment and my doctor’s notes are not good enough for the Colorado Works Program, and my husband does not receive a paycheck for the work he now does.

It seems to me that the Department of Human Services should help families like ours, yet they do not. I cannot help but think it would be different if we were, in fact, illegal immigrants. I am extremely disappointed in liberals. Would we receive funding if we were to decide to up and move to Mexico or any other country? I think not. Why do we supply funding for people who do the same here?

If we cannot take care of our own residents, how can we be expected to take care of anyone else who decides to move here from another country?

As a former bank teller, I have to ask: Why are we forced to take obviously fake picture IDs and obviously fake Social Security cards so illegal immigrants can cash their checks to send the money back to their country?

Again, I do not have a problem with people wanting to make better lives for themselves, but they cannot expect to be helped by a government that is not their own. Our tax dollars are supposed to be used to fund government programs for citizens because we have earned them, yet we are expected to care for the illegal immigrants instead. What is wrong with this picture?

Wade Buchanan and his followers need to take a closer look at the situation before making a blanket decision that is hurting our legal residents.

Shanna Toft-Johnson

Editor’s note: Wade Buchanan, president of the Bell Policy Center, is fighting an initiative that would restrict services in Colorado to citizens and legal immigrants.

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