School student enrollement down |

School student enrollement down

Lee Harstad

Moffat County public schools have seen a slight decrease in student enrollment.

Total enrollment this fall in the school system is 2,526. The 1998 total for the same time was 2,625. In June the total was 2,551, making for a difference of only 25 students from the end of the 1998 school year to the beginning of the 1999 term.

These numbers are used to determine how much money the district will receive from the state.

According to Moffat County School District Superintendent Duane Wrightson, for every student in the system the district receives about $5,000.

The 1999 enrollment figures show an increase in two school populations, Moffat County High School and Ridgeview Elementary School.

Enrollments are as follows:

Dinosaur saw an enrollment of 52 in 1998 and 28 in 1999. Wrightson said the average enrollment in Dinosaur is usually between 35 and 40.

East Elementary School has 269 students in 1999, dropping from 303 in 1998.

Ridgeview Elementary stayed almost even with 264 students this year compared to 263 in 1998.

Sunset Elementary School lost 15 students in 1999. The total in 1998 was 348 while 1999 shows 333 students attending class.

Moffat County High School saw the largest enrollment increase. The total in 1998 was 831 and in 1999 is 852, an increase of 21.

Craig Middle School had the largest decrease in enrollment, losing 36 students. This year had a population of 401 while in 1998 there were 437.

In 1998, Craig Intermediate School had 380 students and in 1999, 368 students.

Maybell School stayed even. Both 1998 and 1999 had enrollments of 11.

According to Wrightson, district school buildings are at 90 percent capacity. The system, although seeing the slight decrease this year, is about average in terms of the last three years.


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