Robert G. Grubb: C and D poison pills coated with sugar |

Robert G. Grubb: C and D poison pills coated with sugar

To the editor:

When such erudite friends as you and Gregg Roberts speak out in favor of referendums C and D, I hesitate to disagree. But I feel I must. Good men can differ, but ignorance is a bane to all of us.

There are good things in referendums C and D. The poor need help, and we need to support our local community college.

My personal conclusion, however, is that C and D are poison pills coated with sugar. They have two main purposes. The first is to con “we the people” of Colorado into rebuilding the roads and bridges of the Denver area megalopolis while sprinkling a few repairs throughout the state.

For the past 15 years, our state government has been trying to find a way to increase taxes to repair their mismanagement. Here it is: the Taxpayers Bill of Rights refund.

The second purpose is to reboot TABOR in 2011 so that the $2.072 billion, taken from we the people in the next five years, can be taken again in 2011 to 2016 and in the future. Gregg thinks 50 percent will go to the good things listed. I hope so, but remember the tobacco winnings — very little got to the people who needed help.

Referendum D is worse — 80 percent goes to the roads. The borrowed $2.072 billion hangs over the people of Colorado like a sword of Damocles. The $100 million we get to pay out of our TABOR refund is mainly interest owed yearly.

Voters, please read the Blue Book, the 2005 State Ballot Information Booklet.

Robert G. Grubb

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