Pegi Cooper: Birthday wishes make newcomer feel welcome |

Pegi Cooper: Birthday wishes make newcomer feel welcome

To the good people of Moffat County: I moved to Craig a few years ago from the Front Range, but never felt I belonged here. I only came to be with family. It has been very hard to make friends here, but I have met some great folks from church.

This February is my Jubilee birthday, turning 70 years young. Due to ongoing medical issues, I never thought I’d see this birthday.

I told my daughter and granddaughter that all I wanted for my birthday was 70 cards. My granddaughter, Ashley, took it very seriously, and the challenge to the fullest.

I have no idea how she did it, but on my birthday, she handed me 60 cards! To date, I am at 98 cards from four states. My best friend helped a lot on this endeavor, as well.

To say the least, I am blessed and shocked; my heart is so full of joy! Not only did I not believe I would receive so many cards, but the sentiments from strangers were heartfelt messages to me personally.

Through this blessing, I now feel at home in Craig, with so many caring people.

Thank you to all the people who took time from their busy lives to send a card to as stranger, all to bless me.

Your kind words make me feel part of a caring community.

With regards,

The Rev. Pegi Cooper