My Life, My Words: Peggy Tabor — A matter of teamwork |

My Life, My Words: Peggy Tabor — A matter of teamwork

Peggy Tabor, deli manager at the Safeway grocery store in Craig, said work in the deli has its challenges, but teamwork among colleagues goes a long way in being successful and putting out fresh, appealing food for customers.
Brian Smith


Deli manager at Safeway

“I needed a job. I came and applied. I was here for February, March, April— three months, and the deli manager’s position came open and I applied for it and got it.

“Becoming a manager was a lot to learn, there was a lot of paperwork involved.

“I went to Grand Junction for a week of training. Most of these girls have been here longer than I have, so some of them, you know, trying to get them to adjust to the fact that you’re the new manager and you’re the new boss and getting them to do things the way they should be done and the way the company wants it done, sometimes its difficult to get the point across.

“We try to work together. It’s a matter of teamwork and if you don’t have teamwork you don’t have anything.

“I think they all accepted me because I’m a pretty easy person to get along with and I try to work with them on their needs and their wants, giving them their days off that they want, their time off that they want.

“I think they understand that I’m not here to be an ogre, I’m here to do my job.

“Working in the deli was a very trying position. It still is. It’s stressful, there’s a lot of work. People don’t realize how much work there is to a deli and to work in the deli.

“You have to be fast paced, you have to keep up with things, you have to keep it clean. There’s a lot involved in running the deli, or being in the deli even as a clerk. Lots of rules and regulations you have to follow

“We have field merchandisers that you have to follow their ruling. We have my boss, and then we have store managers, we have district managers, we have all of the different people that you have to follow the rules of.

“Our hot case, we do two cooks a day here, but of course if you run out of something you’re going to refill it. There’s things you cook four or five times a day compared to some things that you only cook twice a day.

“Everything has to be fresh. It has to be appealing.”

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