Moffat County Commissioners officially approve purchase of new senior bus |

Moffat County Commissioners officially approve purchase of new senior bus

Moffat County commissioners discuss an agenda item during a Board of County Commissioners meeting at the Moffat County Courthouse in 2019.
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One week after discussing the purchase of a new senior transportation van through COVID relief funding, Moffat County Commissioners Ray Beck, Don Cook and Donald Broom approved the $64,478 purchase Monday morning in a special county commissioners’ meeting.

Working with Colorado Dealers out of Colorado Springs, the county found a 2019 Starcraft 22-foot, 12-passenger bus with four wheelchair tiedowns in Indiana that fits exactly what the county is looking for, according to Moffat County Director of Development Services Roy Tipton.

According to Tipton, the purchase for the new bus alone would be $62,721, with an additional $1,750 needed to outfit the new van with graphics for the county.

Commissioner Cook clarified that the purchase of the van will have to come out of general funds first before the money can be reimbursed through the COVID relief funding the county received, equaling some $675,000.

When asked how long it would take to receive the van, Tipton didn’t have an exact time frame, but speculated it would be within 60 days.

“There’s lot of bigger buses out there, but the 12-passenger van is the magic number for not needing a CDL license to operate,” Tipton added. “This will allow us to send our current bus to Dinosaur and take the current GMC one out of rotation there, allowing us to sell it.”


Following the approval of the purchase for a new senior bus, commissioners approved an order change to the Loudy-Simpson boat ramp construction project with Wagner Construction.

According to Tipton, the previous contract stated that the project would receive donated rock from Trapper Mine for the project, but Trapper cannot provide the rocks now because the rocks being mined do not meet specific requirements for the project.

Additionally, a change deflector will need to be added upstream to slow things down prior to the boat ramp. Riverbank protection will need to be added another 15 feet downstream so that erosion doesn’t cut the ramp back, Tipton added.

The order change will include the deflector and the projection added to the project, while also coming to an agreement with Wagner Construction to provide the rock needed, creating an additional $23,840 in expenses.

“We’re still within budget, but it’s going to be tight,” Tipton said to commissioners Monday morning. “We can still get it done though.”

“Roy did a great job researching this; he didn’t just take somebody’s word for it regarding the deflector and riverbank protection,” Commissioner Beck said. “This is one of those deals where we get a one-time opportunity to do it, so we need to make sure we do it right.”

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