Moffat County Commissioners approve bids for handful of new vehicles |

Moffat County Commissioners approve bids for handful of new vehicles

Moffat County commissioners discuss an agenda item during a Board of County Commissioners meeting at the Moffat County Courthouse in 2019.
Craig Press File

One week after Craig City Council approved bids for new vehicles, the Moffat County Board of County Commissioners followed suit Tuesday morning, approving the bids for seven new county vehicles.

The approvals by the Board of County Commissioners includes two new 4×4 pickup trucks for the Sheriff’s Office, one pickup for the Building and Grounds department, one SUV with long wheel base for jail transport, one SUV for the commissioner’s fleet, a new 18-horsepower PTO (Power Take-off) tractor for the cemetery, and a new Toolcat 5600 for the Fairgrounds.

The sheriff’s office will receive two 2020 Dodge Ram 1500 4×4 crew cab pickup trucks. The county received three bids back for the trucks, with local dealers Victory Motors and Cook Ford submitting one bid each. An out-of-state dealership submitted one bid as well.

Victory Motors came in with the lowest bid for the two pickups at $51,700, according to Roy Tipton from the Office of Development Services.

“That price includes about 9,700 in trade-in value,” Tipton said. “I should tell you that our budget for the trucks was 70,000; we still have to get it outfitted with lights and radios, but we’ll still be under budget.”

The two new pickups will replace a 2007 Chevy Silverado and a 2008 Dodge Durango for the Sheriff’s Department.

County commissioners also approved a bid for a Dodge Ram 2500 Tradesman from Victory Motors for the Building and Grounds department at a price of $29,400.

Tipton said the budget for the Building and Grounds vehicle was $33,000.

“We’re a little bit under budget there, but we will still need to put a lift gate on the truck and that will cost about 3,000, so in the end we’ll be about 600 dollars under budget there,” Tipton said.

The Moffat County Sheriff’s Office was awarded another new vehicle on Tuesday morning as county commissioners approved the purchase of a new Ford Expedition Max Longwheel Base SUV for jail transport.

Cook Ford was awarded the winning bid at $33,575, replacing a 2011 Chevy Suburban. The budget for the Longwheel Base SUV was $48,000, per Tipton. The county will be below budget on the SUV, but the county will still need to outfit the SUV with a radio and cages, according to Tipton.

One snag the county ran into in awarding bids Tuesday morning was an issue with a full size 4X4 SUV for the commissioner’s fleet. Victory Motors and Cook Ford both submitted bids, but Victory Motors didn’t submit a bid for a full size SUV. Victory Motors’ bid was well under budget, according to Tipton, but the vehicle didn’t meet the county’s requirements.

Cook Ford’s bid came in over budget, but it met the county’s requirements. Commissioner Don Cook was ready to pull the bid off the table. Tipton informed Commissioner Cook though that the bid was in line with the standard price for a full size SUV in 2020.

“We built our budget based on 2019 prices,” Tipton told the commissioners. “Our budget was 39,000. With this accepted bid, we’ll be able to cover the cover the bid at that price with the general fund, but this will still show it’s over budget.

“I did check the state price agreements, and it’s 40,000 for a full size SUV. Even if we wait for a new Tahoe, it will still be the same price and we’d have to wait for those to go into production.

“The only other option is looking for something smaller, so we’d have to go with something like a Durango, which means we’d have to pull the bid and resubmit.”

The 18-horsepower PTO tractor that the commissioners awarded a bid for to Severson Supply for $15,902 replaces the previous tractor that the county sold through an auction last fall.

The bid for the Bobcat Toolcat 5600 was awarded to Severson Supply as well for a total of $48,465. Tipton said the county will put the 2008 Toolcat the county currently owns up for auction later this fall.

According to Tipton, the list price of the Toolcat 5600 is $65,000, and not many companies still make the Toolcat.

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