Memorial Regional Health: New upgrades in MRH Radiology aim to better serve the needs of patients, staff |

Memorial Regional Health: New upgrades in MRH Radiology aim to better serve the needs of patients, staff

Five new pieces of equipment will be added to the department in one year.

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The radiology department at Memorial Regional Health is in the process of getting some considerable upgrades.

Within the course of a year, the department will attain five new pieces of state-of-the-art equipment. The first three arrived at the end of 2020, and the final two will arrive later this year. The advanced technology will help the MRH radiology team better meet the imaging needs of the Moffat County population.

Alicia Noland, diagnostic imaging manager at MRH, said patients can expect to have access to a wider variety of services and procedures than ever before, with timely and accurate results from staff.

“Most of our current equipment was put in when the hospital was built, or was older and came from the old hospital,” Noland explained. “We did a lot of research revolving around our current services, determining what we needed to bring to our community. People were leaving town to receive services because we couldn’t do them here, so we wanted to invest in equipment that allowed our residents to stay in Craig.”

Details of the new equipment

MRH radiology staff started using its most recent additions: an updated radiography (X-ray) unit, CT scanner and new fluoroscopy unit. The team will gain access to a new MRI scanner in June and an ultrasound unit later this year.

“The new upgrades provide amazing live images — much nicer than our old equipment — and it takes less radiation to get the image,” said Dr. Holt, radiology provider at MRH. “The ease of using the new equipment is much more straight-forward, and it’ll allow us to provide better service for our patients.”

Radiology at MRH

The radiology department at MRH extended its hours and is upgrading equipment to offer a wide range of services and availability for local Moffat County patients.

Outpatient appointments are available from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm every day; an on-site radiologist is available two days per week, and access to tele-radiologists is available 24/7 for emergencies. Walk-ins are also welcome from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday at the Medical Office Building in Craig, 750 Hospital Loop — no appointments necessary.

Each year, MRH analyzes its services and costs for each service. This year, it evaluated radiology prices and determined a reduction was necessary for the charges of some exams. Below is a list of charges for a few common exams. MRH encourages patients to compare its charges with other nearby labs.

•General X-ray (2-3 view exams): $240

•MRI brain without contrast: $1,400

•Ultrasound abdomen: $375

•CT lumbar spine: $995

•CT abdomen and pelvis: $1,100

For more information about radiology and imaging services offered at MRH, go to or call the department at 970-826-3150.

Interventional procedures such as injections, biopsies and video swallows can now be performed, as well as a broad scope of exams including high-resolution chest procedures, lung disease exams, respiratory watches, cardiac scans, bone biopsies and more.

“The addition of the new equipment allows us to perform any type of procedure that a large hospital can do,” Noland said. “Our radiologists are trained in interventional radiology, procedures and biopsies, and are very skilled and capable to perform various exams on our patients.”

Why radiology needed the upgrades

Simply put, it was time for the MRH imaging department to update its equipment and add some new machinery to list.

The new machines offer lower dose of radiation and are easier and faster for staff to use, meaning patients can get in and out of their exams quicker than before.

“The new equipment allows our team to be versatile and to work with patients of different sizes while still being able to scale for safety and image quality,” Dr. Holt said. “It provides imaging staff with a variety of options to nail down a specific, accurate diagnosis.”

Benefits to patients, staff

Noland said the department now has the capability to offer additional services they hadn’t been able to before. Procedure capabilities include joint injections, GI studies, aspirations, biopsies, spine injections, arthrograms, myelograms and lumbar scans.

“With the versatility this equipment provides us, patients won’t need to travel to other communities to have their procedures and exams done,” Dr. Holt said. “Our capability limitations are reduced, and hopefully, this will allow us to grow to provide other procedures and raise the bar for healthcare in Moffat County.”

From pediatric to geriatric patients, the team can cover an array of exams for any type of body or condition. The MRH radiology team suggests reaching out about your needs to see if your service can be done locally first, before you travel elsewhere.

“With our updated technology, we have the edge to offer people the quality of care they’re looking for,” Noland concluded. “Our department is amazing, and we want to show our community that we are taking the time to listen to their needs.”

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