MCSD Whiteboard: Interested in contributing to the community? Become a substitute teacher

Moffat County School District

Remember that feeling when you were a kid, when you walked into your second-grade classroom and something was … different?

Mrs. Nunez wasn’t in her usual place at the front of the classroom. In fact, she wasn’t in the room at all. What could this mean, your 7-year-old self thought, a bit bewildered by this change in your regular morning routine. And then you saw it. It was — this can’t be right — a different adult sitting behind Mrs. Nunez’s desk? What is she doing here?

And then it dawned on you: Your class has a sub today.

This could mean a lot of different things to a lot of different kids. For some, it might be nerve-wracking. Will this new lady know where to find the supplies? Will she know what time recess is? Will she remember that it was your turn to be the line leader? For others, it’s exciting. This day will be different. Maybe I can get away with something my regular teacher never lets me do. Last time we had a sub, we got to watch “The Sandlot” after lunch. Who knows what could happen today.

But for most kids, having a substitute teacher is, one way or another, a little off-putting. That’s why — one reason of many — that having quality substitute teachers in a school district is so valuable. A good sub puts kids at ease in spite of a change in routine, keeps students’ vital education moving forward apace even without the regular teacher present, and, critically, gives a full-time educator the opportunity to take a day or two off when illness or personal needs arise without having to worry about their precious young charges.

In the best of cases, a great sub provides another useful perspective on a student’s educational journey, and can even become a valuable mentor for a young person, often making an impact long beyond the relatively brief visit to his or her classroom.

Moffat County School District has some wonderful substitute teachers, but we need more. Our spectacular teachers deserve time off, and our great students need great subs to keep the learning juices flowing.

That’s why the district is holding a substitute orientation event again this summer. If you’re interested in contributing in such a special way to our community, you’re invited to the District Administration Offices at 600 Texas Ave. in Craig at 9 a.m. Aug. 4.

If you have not applied with MCSD as a substitute yet, applying prior to orientation helps facilitate the process. The district requests that you RSVP for the event to Cori Kroese at 970-826-6264 or Questions are also welcome via the same channels.

Classified or certified positions are available, and there’s no obligation assumed when you come to the orientation. Breakfast snacks and drinks will be provided.

If you’re looking for a flexible schedule, some extra cash, a chance to expand your skills and make a difference in your community, we’d love to see you. For a full job description and qualifications, or to apply, go to

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