Mary Brown: What the rain leaves behind |

Mary Brown: What the rain leaves behind

Mary Jo Brown

One thing about rain is that it brings out a lethargic feeling in some people, that feeling where it would be a good time to sleep or curl up with a good book. To some, the body is a barometer and decides that the aches and pains that are usually warnings of the weather to come are not going to let any resting be done in comfort.

Looking on the bright side, the rain brings needed moisture to places where there would be arid spots and less beauty around.

Crops are soaking up the much-needed moisture, and it can be a challenge to get them cut and in before the next shower.

Added moisture also decreases late fall fire danger and helps keep plants green. The green grass and bushes give wildlife more to eat as they, too, get ready for the cold months.

The reservoirs have more water still in them than in years before, and that is a good thing going into winter, as well. It will relieve some of the stress over snow levels, though it won’t be a problem if it snows as much as it has been raining.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the desert is no exception with its flowering cactus, the variety of shades of plants, rock formations and creatures that live there. After a rain, it seems to be renewed and becomes greener for a short time. The cactus and its beautiful flowers are joined by plants that need the extra moisture to bloom and flourish.

Rain leaves things smelling fresh and renewed, and the drops left on plants when it stops, sparkle in the sun like diamonds.

Just as rain can be renewing and life-giving, too much of it can be damaging and ruin things making them look down and out.

That can be said of people also. We can refresh and renew a person’s spirits and outlook on life or bring them down with snubbing them, calling them names, treating them like they are not worth spending time on or yelling at them.

Whether we like a person or not, we still can be decent to them, treating our fellow humans with good intentions, simply smiling at them, saying “Hi,” acknowledging them with a nod of your head or all simple actions that cost you nothing.

The Lord created us all equal, and it’s up to us to make whatever the world offers a better place for all if possible. Like rain, we leave behind our actions and are judged by them.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Rayla Chase, Beverly Higgins, Barbra Palmer, Judy Funk and Keith Aniston.


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