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Letter: Unions and teachers shouldn’t mix

To the editor:

Two articles in the Craig Daily Press by local teachers are interesting.

One claims teaching is her passion. I appreciate that and we need more of the same.

Several things come to mind about what she wrote. First, I would hope our children will be taught more than just how to retrieve information on the Internet. Eighty to 90 percent of young people I encounter in a business situation today could not make change if they had to without a computer.

We need people who are capable of functioning independently of computers as well as with them. The quote that as president Mitt Romney would fire thousands of teachers, firemen and police is just more of the same BS coming from the left, and this time it comes from local entities.

When there is no record to run on, they have to use scare tactics and misdirection. This goes right along with, “The private sector is doing just fine,” “The Republicans want to throw grandma off a cliff,” and “We would be just fine if the rich would pay their fair share.” It makes no sense to be concerned about the children now and then support a man who will saddle them with debt they will pay all their adult lives and leave them a socialist welfare state to live in.

The other teacher pointed out some very valid points but was a little too polite. He left out the other factor involved, parents. They need to be more involved with their child’s education. Too many run to blame the teacher and the school rather than see what little Billy is up to.

The failure to teach the consequences of one’s actions is a failure to the student, to the employer and to society as a whole. The best lessons the student could learn is that life is not fair in the real world, get over it and move on. You are only entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The rest you get on your own.

And, some clarification on Wisconsin. The left would have you believe this was a travesty of justice.

Consider what was involved. Public service employees were asked to pay a small percentage of their healthcare and retirement costs, less than most in the private sector pay. Because of the changes made, public service jobs were saved not lost.

Wisconsin took a $3 billion deficit to a surplus and some property taxes are even going to go down. Governor Walker did exactly what he said he would do, if elected.

The big issue here were the unions and the Democrats. Included in the changes made, public service employees were given the right to choose to belong to the unions.

This caused the Democrats — between 2008 and 2010 more than $2.2 billion of union money went to political causes, primarily to Democrats — and the unions to panic. Just where would they be without forced union dues? Just as feared, thousands removed themselves from the union ranks when given a choice.

John Williams

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