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Letter: The other side of the story

I am writing this letter in response to the Writers on the Range column by Rebecca Johnson. All the Supreme Court did was turn the decision about abortion back to the states, where voters in each state can decide what they want. Isn’t that the way democracy works?

I take exception to the facts she uses in her arguments for using abortions as birth control. There are certainly times when abortions may be necessary such as rape, incest or a mother’s life in danger.

However, to say that the women who chose abortion just because they don’t want to have a baby are justified because it is their body, really isn’t true. It’s a little baby’s body that they are aborting.

In this day and age when there are so many contraceptives available, there is no reason to have to use abortion as birth control.

It makes me really sad when they have partial birth abortions. Isn’t that wrong on so many levels?

Also, I am sorry that our “local” newspaper has decided that people who have more liberal views are the ones they chose to publish at a much higher rate than any others.

If it weren’t for articles by Lance Scranton we would never get to read about the other side of any story. Thank you, Lance.

Carol Fish


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