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Leonard A. Zaragoza: Making America great again.

I have found “Make American Great Again” a very interesting mantra.

Say you asked a Native American when America was great? The answer would most likely be, before the Europeans and Spanish invaded our lands.

Ask a person of color, the response would likely be when we were still in Africa. Asians, such as the Japanese, might say maybe before World War II, before we were placed in internment camps.

Mexicans or anyone who is able to speak Spanish, may reply before we were accused of being thieves of jobs that no one else wanted.

I think what is meant by the phrase is “Make America White Again.” Look at what happened when we had a man of color elected president. From day one, it was an uphill struggle. President Barack Obama was accused of not being American, the First Lady was compared to a primate. The first plight of the union he was mocked and heckled.

I find it very laughable when alleged Christians support a person who has belittled women and groped some. He has lied from day one, for example, saying he’d make his tax returns open in a few weeks. That was January 2017. He has defended a country, Russia, against the FBI, saying the CIA is not doing its job to his approval. The Christians have turned a blind eye to all the lies, all the cheating, all the exaggerations, and all for the sole purpose of getting them the agenda they want.

I did not vote for Hillary Clinton, nor did I support Bernie Sanders. The way this country is headed I can only shake my head and think that, if the creator has a sense of humor, that being is probably rolling on the floor.

Leonard A. Zaragoza