Lance Scranton: Memories of mom |

Lance Scranton: Memories of mom

Lance Scranton
Lance Scranton

So much has been written about mothers, bordering on the obvious to remind you of their critical importance in our culture. But traditions built up around celebrations are the glue that hold societies together, and each one of us has a mom that made a life-affirming decision to carry our burden until we were strong enough to “think” we could do it on our own.

Like the mother in Baltimore we watched disciplining her son during the midst of destructive riots and demonstrations, so are the moms that I know best: they protect, preserve and moderate a culture too often centered around testosterone-induced decision-making.

My mom is a great example (obviously) of a mother who appreciates what I have done with my life but is more concerned with how the boys are doing and what my wife is up to — it just seems their natural bent to protect what we have worked for and preserve that which gives us identity.

When I was fired from my football coaching position at the high school after 17 years, my wife and my mom each had different perspectives on the incident. My wife couldn’t understand how people rush to judgment so quickly. “Didn’t they understand the dedication and hard work that I had put in over my 23-year career?” My mom sighed and asked how the boys were doing and how my wife was handling it and stated boldly that if they couldn’t see how good you were, they’re obviously blind or foolish.

It is not coincidental that most people have a special place in their hearts for their mothers. Yes, they nag and bug and point out the little things that we need to be doing, but their desire is to make us aware that it really is the little things that make us who we are in life’s boast of big ideas and bold dreams. The truth about who we really are resides in their experiences with us in our formative years. It’s really difficult to fool your mom for very long.

To my mom and my wife, I love you both very much. You both mean more to what shapes my life than this short column will allow. To all the moms who make so many things in our community possible, thank you and remember that without you this world would be a crueler, harsher place. For your time, boundless energy, unwavering sacrifice and constant care, each one of us is indebted.

Remember Mom this Sunday.

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