John Williams: Impeach Obama |

John Williams: Impeach Obama

To the editor:

As things went in Jonestown South Africa, the faithful have stepped “FORWARD” and drank the poisoned Kool-Aid provided by their leader.

The only difference this time: they chose to take the rest of us down with them. Their failure to get the facts, do their homework and great haste to believe the anointed one will cost us all.

Anyone notice how quick the jobs numbers changed after the election, or hidden information about a strike at one of our drones by Iran, or the compromise of our national security by our CIA directors affair?

The cover up in Libya goes on and the faithful celebrate as Rome burns. They are too blinded by their freebies and their self-righteousness to even see what is happening around them.

Exactly one day after Obama was reelected, he has stepped up his antigun agenda by pushing for the ATT treaty with the UN.

For those who believed the left wing talking point about second amendment rights, yet failed to do your own investigation to get the facts, the left has just proven you are the fool that the rest already knew you were. It matters not whether you hunt; the second amendment is the only amendment that has the ability to defend the others.

The first step toward serfdom has always been to remove the ability for the masses to defend themselves. Anyone who does not believe that this can happen in America is a fool.

Everyone needs to pay very close attention to what is going on in our government and this country, history is being made here. We are witnessing the destruction of the greatest country on earth, all being brought to you by a small man with a large ego and a Napoleon complex.

The question remains, do you think what we have in this great nation is worth fighting for? If so, then people you damn well better get off your butts.

Do your own research and get involved, you cannot just watch CBS, ABC and NBC and assume you are informed.

Not that long ago there were impeachment proceedings for sitting President Clinton, for his infidelity and subsequent lying about it, basically he was caught fooling around in the white house. There is no question that Clinton has the integrity of a snake but no one died because of it.

Fast forward to today and President Obama, there are a minimum of four people dead that we know of, a countless number of flat out lies to the American people, stalling on an investigation and it seems like a constant cover up of one thing or another and often multiple things at a time.

Remember we still do not have definitive answers on the Fast and Furious debacle where other Americans died. We are approaching the “Fiscal Cliff” and our President is jet setting around the world to places that would be nice to visit but there is no real need to do so.

Why not impeachment of Obama?

John Williams

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