John Williams: Gun control impacts law-abiding owners |

John Williams: Gun control impacts law-abiding owners

To the editor:

The continuing rant on gun control by left-wing zealots is becoming nauseating.

As usual, there is nothing but drama and overreaction with little fact and common sense involved. They would have you believe that all criminals and people determined to cause mayhem will just stop if we enact more gun laws. Consider that it has been against the law to murder someone for many years and these laws have not stopped murder.

We are to believe that law enforcement will protect us or we should run and hide. Law enforcement’s job at the scene of a crime is to count the bodies and investigate the crime; they cannot be everywhere at once.

Gun control affects only law-abiding citizens, not criminals. The Second Amendment’s primary function has always been to defend against a tyrannical government, and that need has never been greater than now. If so-called assault weapons with high-capacity magazines in the hands of law-abiding citizens concern the government, then we can no longer trust that government and it is time to stock up.

Instead of screaming about arming teachers, maybe we should ask the teachers if they would like the opportunity to be armed. Some will and some won’t, but they are the ones in the “gun-free zones.” Common sense says if someone is dodging bullets they will have less time and ability to leisurely gun down others. I would much rather be able to defend myself than just sit there and die.

The real statistics prove that when a state allows concealed carry weapons permits, crime goes down. And places with a higher percentage of gun ownership see lower crime rates — even the dumbest of criminals are into self-preservation. An armed society is a polite society. Concealed carry works on the premise that you know some people are armed but you don’t know who, the only option then is to consider everyone armed. Consider that those who have concealed carry permits have been fingerprinted and have had a background check done by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. This is more than can be said about most of the people who you interact with on a daily basis.

Some things to remember: the first step in gun confiscation is gun registration. In the 20th century, tens of millions of people around the world were murdered by their own governments. The government is not always your friend. Further, the vast majority of Americans who legally own their firearms have never been and will never be involved in a crime with their guns. Law-abiding gun owners stop crimes on a daily basis but are rarely mentioned beyond their local area because it doesn’t match the agenda of the left. A gun is an inanimate object no different than a hammer — used improperly, either can kill.

John Williams


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