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James K. Turner: In support of three tax increase options

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in support of three tax increase options, which have been placed before the voters of Moffat County. The county is asking to retain property taxes that have already been collected. Individuals in the county would have you believe that this is a tax increase. Although technically they may be correct, the majority of the tax that has been withheld was withheld from the largest taxpayers in this valley, i.e., the power plant and coal mines. Recently, the power plant has used its resources to fight taxation of its assets and has caused the county to expend resources to force it to pay its fair share. So, although this would slightly increase the average homeowner’s tax burden, the majority of this tax burden would be borne by those with the greatest of resources. I would recommend that it be supported.

The state of Colorado has been laboring under an outside agitator’s amendment known for its author and slumlord, Mr. Douglas Bruce. This amendment has been a dismal failure and requires tinkering with during times of recession. We all believe that parts of the government spending are wasteful; we do not, however, agree what those parts might be. At this time, without the modification of this amendment and the bipartisan support thereof, Colorado’s infrastructure will suffer irreparable damage. I therefore would urge voters to pass the referendums recommended by our governor.

The final tax increase is perhaps the most difficult to support using the logic of those who are opposed to tax increases. It is, however, the easiest for those of us who see the individuals of the developmentally delayed community as being persons in need of the support of those of us with charitable hearts.

James K. Turner

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