Healthy snack of the week |

Healthy snack of the week

Lauren Blair
Cherries, bananas, peaches and kale are a few of the healthful ingredients you can throw right into the blender to create a delicious and nutritious drink.
Lauren Blair

One of the easiest, tastiest ways to get loads of fruits (and even vegetables!) into your or your kids’ diet is in the form of a smoothie. Make it as creative or as simple as you like; try adding different kinds of fruit and experiment with sneaking leafy greens into the mix such as kale, chard or spinach. Here’s a great, basic recipe to get you started:

Nutty Fruit Smoothie

1 cup almond milk (or cow’s milk)

1 banana

½ cup fresh or frozen fruit, such as peaches or berries

2 stems of kale

1-2 Tbsp almond butter

Honey (to taste)