Graduation 2018: Moffat County dance students seek next steps in career |

Graduation 2018: Moffat County dance students seek next steps in career

Abbie Told, left, and Madison Meckley work on their technique at Just Dance. The two Moffat County High School Class of 2018 graduates have studied dance for about seven years.
Andy Bockelman

For nearly half their lives, Abbie Told and Madison Meckley have each spent hours and hours practicing and perfecting the craft of movement, the art of dance and the expression of a deeper truth involved in the discipline.

And, though it’s something the upcoming Moffat County High School graduates began when they were adolescents, they don’t plan on this being the final number.

Told and Meckley are looking to take the next big step in the dance world and have been pursuing multiple opportunities in how to further their love of dance into a career.

They’ll almost certainly be leaving Northwest Colorado as they seek various avenues.

“There’s a lot of opportunities in LA, or even Denver or New York, and the first step obviously is the audition,” Told said. “You’ve just got to take that first step and it’s like a domino effect.”

Meckley added getting “a foot in the door” will be crucial, as she knows it will be a lengthy process that will probably start small.

“It’s a rough path, but you have to keep trying and trying,” she said.

The two dancers have studied about the past seven years at Craig studio Just Dance with instructor Jeni Giedd and staff following time participating in cheerleading.

“We were both pretty much hooked right from the start,” Meckley said.

Told noted that numerous other girls who will be graduating from MCHS this weekend were part of the dance troupe at one time, though little by little, the two became the most senior members.

During the past spring, the pair were the center of attention during a spring recital — which featured duo and solo sets for which they worked on choreography — and a performance of “The Little Mermaid” in which Meckley was the title character and Told her wicked counterpart.

The underwater theme was fitting considering they will soon be two small fishes in a much bigger pond.

Told said she’s already felt that way going to competitions and conventions.

“When you’re in a room with a bunch of other dancers who have danced all their lives, and no one’s paying attention to you, you have to just go for it,” she said.

Both of them have a fundamental knowledge of ballet but strongly prefer other styles — contemporary, jazz, hip-hop.

“Depends on the mood, helps you get your emotions out,” Meckley said.

Though the two are focused on dancing at a higher level, they also have other career aspirations — Told in interior design and Meckley in realty — but working in the art of dance in a small, rural community has helped them realize how enriching it can be.

“Anybody who takes the time to come to one of our shows will see how much work goes into it. There’s as much hard work as goes into any football game, and getting that recognition is really important to us,” Told said.