From Pipi’s Pasture: “Waiting” one more time |

From Pipi’s Pasture: “Waiting” one more time

Diane Prather

Last week’s column, inspired by my sister, Charlotte Allum, was fun to write, and it made me think too. Yesterday evening, Charlotte called. She and her husband John had just returned home from a trip. She was laughing — yawning, too — as she asked, “Do you know what I’m doing? I’m waiting until it’s time to go to bed.”

Charlotte always did like to go to bed, even as a kid. So did our dad, Kenneth Osborn, whose legs often ached at the end of the day. Almost every evening he’d repeat. “I’m waiting for it to get dark. Then I’m going to put these legs to bed.”

So the other day, as I was waiting for daylight so that I could see my way to the corral to do chores, I was thinking a little more about “waiting.” Last week’s column was mostly a reflection on days past when there weren’t modern conveniences. I’m wondering if there’s less waiting in today’s hurry-up world that’s dominated by technology. I can’t help myself. Here’s one more list.

In today’s world we wait…

• for a scheduled doctor or dental appointment.

• to get the car in for recall work or other repair.

• for the computer to up-date.

• for phone service to be restored after a cable break.

• to do most anything when the electricity is off.

• for a riding lawnmower part to arrive after ordering it months ago.

• for the school bus.

• for the plumber to come fix the furnace.

• for rain.

• to reach customer service by phone.

• for the car to warm up and defrost the windshield.

• for the road to be plowed.

• for a new book by a favorite author.

• for a parcel to be delivered, no matter how it was ordered.

• for the seasons to change.

• for a day when the driver’s license office is open to renew a license.

• for a cake to bake.

• until we can get everyone together to move the cows home.

• for winter tires to be put on the car.

In the end, it appears that we still do a lot of waiting, even if we do live in a rush, rush, hurry-up world!

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