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Easy money for college education

Student scholarships are not that hard to come by in the state of Colorado. So why is it that many students don’t apply for them? “The mail reason that they don’t sign up is because they’re afraid that they’ll get rejected,” said senior Austin Lee. They are also afraid of not applying correctly or of not being good enough to win and do not even give it a chance. Some students are just too lazy to even fill out an application.

“College scholarship applications aren’t that hard to fill out,” said Jess Wiseman, another senior. Applications include very little, mostly just records of your past and two written things, a letter of greeting and an essay that the collage usually asks for.


According to Mrs. Duzik’s cheat-sheet of what to expect on a college scholarship application, these are the things that are normally included:

• A cover letter.

This includes who you are and what you’re applying for, why you’re

interested in the company, school, award, ect., why you should be

picked to get the scholarship, any specific requests that you may have,

and a thank you.

• The application itself.

• Letters of recommendation.

• A resume.

• The student’s transcript and/ or test score.

• The letter of acceptance to your school.

• A financial statement.

• Essay on topic the scholarship organization’s choice

Mrs. Duzik and Mrs. Moore can help students find a copy of this paper and college applications in the guidance office on the second floor.

“It may seem overwhelming at first,” said Duzik. “But as long as you have your stuff together ahead of time, all you have to do is write the greeting letter and the essay and you are set.” Duzik advises all seniors to start gathering materials as soon as they can, that way they are not flustered trying to get everything together at the last minute.

Every Penny Counts

The average year of college costs around $20,000 for a public school, and $25,000 for a private school. College scholarships range from as much as $100 to $6,000. For example, the Elk’s Lodge provides a scholarship that can amount to a very large award. A student could be awarded a base scholarship and then qualify for more through several rounds that go through the state. The winner of it all could be awarded up to $60,000 all together.

“Even though a scholarship may only be $2,500.00, which may not seem like much on the overall price, it is $2,500 less that you will not have to earn in the future,” Duzik said.

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