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Danielle Elkins: How do Craig women feel about Trump?

Danielle Elkins

As I’m sure we all know by now, accusations against Donald Trump of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior have been a hot topic for media outlets across the nation in recent weeks.

These alleged sexual assaults and instances of inappropriate behavior toward women have caused Americans everywhere to feel uncomfortable, including many of the women who are voting for Trump.

As a woman, I can tell you that there is never a situation in which sexual assault or inappropriate behavior toward anyone is okay, and it certainly isn’t okay to talk about grabbing women by their genitals.

As a human being, I can tell you that it is equally not okay that four Americans died in Benghazi in 2012 and Hillary Clinton had the nerve to ask an adviser, “Did we survive the day?” in reference to being grilled at a House hearing about whether she was partially to blame for the deaths of those brave men.

And, to be fair, let’s not forget the allegations against Clinton that she has tried to silence women who have accused her husband of rape and sexual harassment.

There is certainly plenty of mud to sling this election cycle.

Speaking of mud-slinging, Republican women who choose to continue to support Trump as the Republican candidate for President in 2016, despite the allegations that have recently taken the media by storm, are experiencing ridicule from many who view voting for Trump as President to be a promotion of rape culture.

So how do Republican women in Craig feel about these allegations? Are they still planning to vote for Trump?

“My thing is that while Trump has always been known as a playboy and hasn’t necessarily used the best “phrases,” what are we voting on — personal issues? Both candidates are pretty flawed if you ask me. Are we voting on them or on their policies and how they affect us? Trump is a good businessman with great plans for our economy and he knows how to fire people if they aren’t doing their jobs. I can’t say that I believe that about Hillary,” said Republican woman Ann Dodd, who has lived in Craig for 29 years and co-owns Dodd & Dodd Consulting. “While I agree that neither [candidate] will accomplish all of what they’re proposing to do in their Presidency if elected, I believe that we all have to vote for the person that we personally think will do the best job. For me, that’s Trump.”

Dodd said that she would still vote for Trump even if there were concrete proof of the allegations against him.

“The allegations against him are old. People can change and I think that his wife has settled him down. He’ll take the position as President seriously,” Dodd said.

Pam Foster, also a Republican woman in Craig, plans to vote for Trump based on his policies and what she feels that he can do for America.

“It’s not okay but it’s gone on for years and he isn’t the only one who’s been accused of it,” Foster said in reference to the allegations against Trump. “My choice is not because Trump is the lesser of two evils. I like his courage and strength. I truly believe that he would surround himself in his cabinet with bright people who would not be afraid to challenge him if they felt that something he was doing wasn’t in America’s best interest. He also has incredible people skills; otherwise he wouldn’t be where he is today in the business world. He isn’t afraid to take a calculated risk. Hillary’s business experience is in corrupt business.”

Brandi Meek, secretary of the Colorado Republican Party and Craig resident, said that her being a mother affects her voting decision in this election.

“I will vote for him [Trump],” Meek said. “The next President will likely nominate three Supreme Court Justices, which will have a fundamental impact much longer than four or eight years from now. As a woman and a mother, my primary concern is ensuring that my children are able to experience the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence. I believe the importance of this election is indescribably more than who the nominees are. We must preserve our principles.”

What I think is most important to remember this election is that we all form opinions based on our personal experiences and beliefs. Not everyone will agree with voters who are choosing Trump, and that’s okay. One of the many benefits of living in a democracy is our freedom to express our opinions at the polls.

Let’s be honest, both candidates have serious allegations against them. Clinton may not be accused of sexual misconduct, but she certainly has been accused of being her husband’s enabler in his alleged sexual misconduct.

I suggest voting not based on a candidate’s personal morale in this election, but on his or her policies and on facts rather than allegations. Most importantly, please be sure to make an informed decision.

For me, the candidate whose policies fall in line with my principles and beliefs is Donald Trump.

See you at the polls, Craig!

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