Craig Police Department Progress report |

Craig Police Department Progress report

  1. Crime Summary. The department responded to 1,305 requests for service during the month of August and Community Service responded to 178 requests for service.
  2. Crime of the month. by Administrative Sergeant John Forgay

Traffic Tip of the month: Today’s modern automobiles have those nifty little levers on the left side of the steering wheel. Some have multi-use items attached, but the primary design is to turn those little lights so others know you are turning right or left. There are two reasons for using them; #1- out of common courtesy and #2 STATE LAW DICTATES IT!!!!


An officer recognizes someone known to be a Habitual Traffic Offender (in other words, so many violations they do not possess a driver’s license). A traffic stop is made and the officer is told – “I was dropping my kids at school”. Maybe your driving record reflects the fact that you probably should not be driving anyone, anywhere.

A 26 year old man is seen walking out of a local business, pushing a shopping cart with a computer in it; stopped by store security and asked for a receipt. Said he had one, but immediately walked away, leaving the computer behind. Based on the description, officers contact him several blocks away, on foot. He denies that he tried stealing a computer from the business. Officer advised that the store had video which shows him leaving the store without ever paying for the computer. Response – “I hope not” Hello, hold the calls, we have a winner!

Contact by officers at an apartment with a 19 year old female and, in the process, happen to notice marijuana plants growing in the bathroom. Reasonable explanation: keeping them for a friend in another town and a friend of a friend (don’t know who it is) comes by to water the plants, periodically . Really? Really? That story should start with “Once upon a time”!

A 21 years old male reported to be intoxicated in the local mall. Offices contact him. It so happens he was recently arrested twice in one week involving underage drinkers, and he has been charges for his involvement. Must have been under a lot of stress as he explained that he just had a visit with probation, 45 minutes earlier, and he was already two times over the legal limit for a DUI, but fortunately walking.

Reported suspicious activity at a local pub. Officers arrived and contact a male subject who had been drinking and gives the officers a false name. In short order, this information is found out, along with the court order that prohibits him from consuming alcohol – Cops have a way of finding that out, you know? When asked why he gave a false name, he replies that he”didn’t want to get in trouble”. However, he then proceeds to resist arrest, use not so nice language to officers and others, and generally behaves at a 9 on a 10 scale even at the hospital. But in the end, the Remorse Fairy made him apologize for his behavior. Awwww- that’s nice.

Reported “tagging: (graffiti) in several places with black paint. Several young people contacted at a local park and surprise- one young las had black paint on his hands. “Helping Dad paint a fence” (BLACK???) Well, let’s call dad and confirm that Tom Sawyer story. What? No need, I’ll tell the truth – Case(s) solved!

NOTE- Another Prescription Drug Take Back Day will be held on Saturday, Sept. 29th at the Centennial Mall PArking lot from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m.

  1. Community Service

CSOs Connie Davis, Josh Wright and Jill Nelson handled the following calls during the month of August.

Red tagged eight abandoned vehicles. One vehicle towed.

One hundred twenty-one weed complaints.

Eleven cold violations.

Fifty junk/trash violations.

Four Administrative Warning for abandoned vehicles were issued.

One parking violation warning was issued.

No parking citations were issued.

Three code citations were issued.

  1. Miscellaneous

Detective Dale Secules resigned and his last day of work was Aug. 31st. Dale is pursuing a career as a truck driver. His position was filled within the department. Aug. 8th, an oral board was conducted for the three applicants who applied to fill the vacant detective position. All three candidates did a great job and the ranking was very close. Based on the results of the oral board and Commander Leonard’s recommendation, SRO Norm Rimmer has been selected to fill the position. Officer Mark Brown was selected to fill the SRO position vacated by Norm Rimmer. These assignments will be effective Sept. 1, 2012, but the actual transfers will depend on patrol staffing issues.

August 13th, a conditional offer of employment was given to William (Will) Roland, who will be relocating from the Grand Junction area. Will completed the Delta Academy in Dec. of 2011 and has received his POST certification. He will be starting his FTO training on Sept. 17th. He will be coming to Craig on and off to look for housing and also do some ride-along time with different shifts.

We have also hired (given the conditional offer of employment) to Grant Laehr and Jennifer Vallem to join our team as police officers. Grant Laehr is 31 years of age. He is married (Melissa) with two children. This is his first law enforcement job after recently completing the academy in Parker. He will start on Sept. 17th along with Will Roland. Jennifer Vallem is also 31 years of age. She is married (DAvid) and has three children. Jennifer is completing the academy in Pueblo and will start in patrol Dec.

Officer Lance Eldridge resigned effective Aug. 23rd. Lance is moving to Arlington, Virginia.

Officer Travis Adams has resigned effective Oct. 5th. Travis is moving to Arizona.

The Labor Day DUI Enforcement Period began on Aug. 14th and runs through Sept. 4th.

  1. Training

August 17th, Records Manager Dixie Beck attended Emotional Intelligence training at the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Several officers and civilian employees have completed courses through video and online training by CIRSA.

  1. Upcoming events

Oct. 5th, department personnel will assist with the Moffat County High School Homecoming Parade.

Sept. 12th, the yearly department physical performance test will be conducted.

Sept. 12, we will be conducting our annual qualification, which will include duty handgun, patrol rifles and LL shotgun and off duty handguns. This will be a duty ammunition shoot in which we recycle ammunition; which allows us to annually issue officers new ammunition.

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