Craig Editorial: Wanted: Active, informed voters |

Craig Editorial: Wanted: Active, informed voters

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Complain all we want about the state and federal governments, but the truth is, it’s our local governments that have the greatest potential to impact our daily lives in meaningful ways. It’s with that in mind that we call attention to Craig’s upcoming municipal election and the significance of strong voter turnout and an informed electorate.

Local voter participation in municipal elections has been disappointing in recent years, a trend we hope reverses April 2, when all registered city voters can have a say in electing their next mayor as well as three City Council members. The Craig Daily Press is taking steps to help residents make informed decisions. On Monday, the newspaper published lengthy Q-and-A’s with mayoral candidates Terry Carwile, the incumbent, and Ray Beck, his challenger. Today’s paper features a similar Q-and-A format with the six City Council candidates as well as an article about Monday’s AARP meeting that featured six of the eight candidates discussing local issues with residents.

There is no shortage of important issues that deserve the attention of any Craig resident who cares about the future of their community. From oil and gas exploration in Moffat County to Shadow Mountain infrastructure improvements to a recent downtown revitalization assessment to the community’s approach to marijuana regulations, the next City Council will have plenty on its plate. Voting for the candidates who most closely share your views on these issues and others is the best way residents can make their voices heard in council chambers.

Casting a ballot never has been easier, either. Mail ballots, which were sent out late last week, were a huge success in increasing voter turnout during the April 2011 municipal election. We applauded city officials at that time for taking a logical step to encouraging more participation in the election. Today, we’re challenging Craig voters to exercise their most fundamental and important democratic right: the right to vote.

As with the 2011 city election, this year’s races will be decided by mail ballots. Only registered Craig voters active on the automatic mail-in list will receive a ballot in the mail. Voters who are unsure of their status should call Stephanie Beckett, Moffat County elections supervisor, at 970-824-9120 or visit http://www.go

Finally, it’s worth tipping our hat to the eight candidates who had the courage and civic dedication to seek what often is a thankless and difficult position. Regardless of the outcome April 2, we appreciate their sacrifice of time and energy. Now, it’s up to Craig voters to fulfill their end of the democratic bargain.

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