Community open house offers fire safety tips |

Community open house offers fire safety tips

Lee Harstad

Make it a learning experience this Saturday with an open house at the Craig Rural Fire Protection District Building at 419 Yampa Ave. From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., children and adults will have the opportunity to learn about fire fighting activities.

A puppet show, safety issues (home safety, stop-drop-roll, don’t play with matches) and how to call 911 in an emergency will all be presented. Everyone will also have a chance to crawl through the smoke house.

“The goal of the open house is to remind people how to take care of themselves during an emergency,” said Fire Prevention Committee Chairman and firefighter John Whinery.

The smoke house is a trailer house designed to teach safety in case of a fire. People crawl through the trailer as if it were really on fire and learn how to safely leave a smoke-filled home.

“The smoke house is a neat experience for kids. It is more realistic as it is built for this purpose,” Whinery said. “We try to vary programs so it is not boring to kids.”

According to Whinery, the majority of children participating are in preschool through fourth grade, but the invitation is there for the entire community.

Adults will also be able to view videos on safety issues such as smoke detectors and how to keep a home from becoming a fire trap.

A free lunch of hot dogs, chips and pop will also be offered and if enough support is shown, firefighters will bring out a fire hose, set up a target and allow participants an attempt at controlling the water.

Presentations on safety will begin every 20-25 minutes and the smoke house will be open throughout the day. According to Whinery, to see everything offered will take about an hour and, “kids will learn a lot.”

This open house is in conjunction with Fire Prevention Week this week.