Carrie Ann Roberts: James Mounce deserves a tribute |

Carrie Ann Roberts: James Mounce deserves a tribute

James Mounce deserves a tribute

To the editor:

I no longer live in Craig, but I lived there for 13 years of my life, until this past year.

Recently, a great friend of mine died in Craig. It has been a huge loss to me and so many of my friends and family.

His name was Jim Mounce.

I have been checking your Internet site every day since then in hopes that I would see any information or maybe even an obituary. There has been none.

It just cannot be that the Craig Daily Press has neglected to pay this wonderful man a tribute of some form. He gave the teenagers of this town, now, of course, in our 20s and 30s, something to look forward to every week, every day. He held teen dances at the Pavilion and in Hayden, block parties in Hayden and haunted houses at Halloween. He had arcades for us to go to. We always had something to do when Jim was around. He should be someone that everyone could have known; he had something great to offer everyone. He is someone that I will tell my children about, he is someone that my friends and family still talk about. He is someone that understood us, cared about us, listened to us. He cared about everyone else but himself all of these years. He helped with problems, relationships, friendships, homework and fights. He was the one we went to when we couldn’t go to our parents or our peers. He was there for us every day. He had the biggest heart and best listening skills. It wasn’t just that.

He always, no matter what he was going through, made you feel as if you were a part of something, like you belong. There were always so many different types of people at his dances and arcades — stoners, jocks, preppies — whatever we called each other back then.

But he made it safe and comfortable and fun. He worked very hard all his life in our community for everyone but himself. I think he deserves to be praised and upheld as a great guy by everyone. He needs to be honored; he never was in life. I think he’s owed that now.

I couldn’t make it back for his funeral. There’s no way for me to stand there in front of his casket and say goodbye as he is lowered.

Everyone needs to appreciate him, whether they knew him. I love you Jim, and I will miss you for the rest of my life. You gave me so many great gifts, and I hope this letter repays even a little of my debt to you. Thank you for everything you have ever done for all of us.

Carrie Ann Roberts

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