Adam John Mercier: No one deserves my vote |

Adam John Mercier: No one deserves my vote

To the editor:

This is my opinion and if you don’t like it than argue it in a way that doesn’t cut anything or anyone down.

Elections are in five weeks and we have two major parties that want all the elected offices, except for the judges. Republicans and Democrats are looking for our votes to get them elect into offices and including the highest office in this nation of ours.

We have to decide which one deserves our vote and I think they shouldn’t because they are throwing mud at each other, pointing fingers at each other, which in fact they have three fingers pointing back at themselves, accusing each other for their mistakes that the other opponent has done in the past terms in their offices, but is that what we want as the leaders of our nation to be accusing each other for their mistakes instead of looking at themselves and try to make the correct or near to correct decision for this nation of ours.

And Finally I feel personally like a female in a herd of deer, elk, or any other species that experience males fighting over the females every mating season. I also think that as a nation that I reside and a citizen since birth needs to grow up, be accountable for their own mistakes, try to make things far better for the common citizen of the united States of America, and try to set a better example for other nations and our own for the future of our nation.

Also, can we make this beautiful country into a total wasteland of stupid, idiotic and various other adjectives that I can use but I won’t or can we make it into a beautiful and working nation that has the common sense to use our resources in moderation and keep this nation going for thousand years or whenever our nation evolved to a better nation?

I am not going to support any candidate that makes themselves look better than the other candidate because of all the stupid things that are happening during the election season and vote for them because I feel that no one deserves my vote for the “lesser of the evils” that are trying to get elected into offices.

Also, I think that a nation that values warriors and not the people who try to make this nation better through talking to other nations for a better world that we can live in and our future generations can have a better chance than we have now. I am thinking that maybe we should be thanking Obama for disarming more nuclear weapons because these weapons can be destructive in more than the one way

Adam John Mercier

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