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25 shades of Craig: Problem solving

Trinity Nicks

Women, do you ever feel like men aren’t listening to you when you have a problem? Men, do you sometimes feel like women are incapable of just solving a problem and moving on?

Men and Women have many differences and one of them is the way that we problem solve.

When a woman has a problem she has to explain the whole entire problem, every which way. Then she will ask for a man’s input, she will then listen to the man’s advice, she will take parts of it in even though it doesn’t seem like she does and then will get straight back on the path of her problem again re-explaining it and how she wants to handle it, how she might handle it and then how she will handle it.

She will then move onto her friend’s problems and what is going on with them.

By this time the man has typically lost interest. It’s not his fault, men are wired different than Women.

When a man is faced with a problem he might go to one trusted friend and ask his advice and solve the problem and move on with life. Men are not built like women.

So women, when you have a problem and want someone to listen to you while you work your way through it? My advice is call up some girlfriends and talk about it.

A man would be content with us coming to them telling them about our problem and how we already know how we are going to fix it, and doing just that. It not that they don’t care they just don’t see the point in “beating a dead horse”.

When solving a problem you don’t want to create more.

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