Fright night: Scares reign supreme at American Legion, Moffat County Elite haunted houses |

Fright night: Scares reign supreme at American Legion, Moffat County Elite haunted houses

Knife-wielding maniacs, unblinking children chanting nursery rhymes, bloody victims — whatever terrifies you most, you’re bound to find it at one of Craig’s annual haunted houses.

And yes, creepy clowns play into both of them.

Residents got into the Halloween spirit early as Friday and Saturday was all about scares at haunted houses hosted by American Legion Post 62 and Moffat County Cheer Elite, both of which will be back in action Oct. 26 and 27 as well as Halloween night.

Danger around every corner

The Legion’s house of horrors returned to Centennial Mall, utilizing the space — where it’s been for five years after moving from the Shadow Mountain Clubhouse — for a maze full of dark decorations and sudden shocks from actors determined to bring out some screams.

Organizer Bill Guess said the preparation began in early October to craft the chilling corridors and rooms of classic horror locales, such as a mad scientist’s laboratory, a graveyard and more.

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As for volunteers, it didn’t take much to get the cast of creatures in gear and ready to horrify.

“All we had to do was get them in costume,” Guess said.

Fellow organizer Bill White said he loves seeing repeat customers supporting the fundraiser for the group.

“We like scaring the same kids every year,” he said, adding that the group offers a no-scare option for younger children.

For several years, Ben Rinker has had the honor of revving a chainsaw motor to petrify patrons, this year in a clown mask.

“It’s for a good cause, and I get to scare people, so it’s a win-win for me,” he laughed.

Terror in store

On the other end of town at Fourth Street’s Bulldog Storage, the Moffat County Elite Cheer program offers their own eerie exhibit with a variety of shocking scenes.

Unused storage units have been transformed into one spooky spectacle after another, some paying tribute to beloved horror and suspense films and others an amalgam of anything and everything that could make your skin crawl.

And, leave it to cheerleaders to be able to shriek again and again to unnerve those who pass through their displays of doom.

Coaches Curtis Lorio and Amber Snow said owner Lora Stockman donated the space to the cheer team, and the effort has also helped the group make improvements in some elements of their routines.

One of those is athletes increasing their flexibility in imitating the crab walk from “The Exorcist.”

“They also get to do some good team bonding and work with different people in different units,” Snow said. “The kids love it, and they really get into character.”

Halloween haunts

Moffat County Elite Cheer Haunted House
When: 7 to 10 p.m. Oct. 25, 26, 27, 31
Where: Bulldog Storage, 40 E. Fourth St.
Cost: Admission $7
For more information:

American Legion Post 62 Haunted House
When: 6 to 9 p.m. Oct. 25, 26, 27; 5 to 9 p.m. Oct. 31
Where: Centennial Mall, 1111 W. Victory Way
Cost: $5 for ages 10 and younger; $10 for 11 and older
For more information: