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20 under 40: Cammy Winder provides guidance, strength for young gymnasts

Coach Cammy Winder and Jessica Womble take a break from practice at Craig's Rising Star Youth Training Center.
Andy Bockelman

When Cammy Winder first got into the business of coaching kids’ gymnastics, she never envisioned she’d stick around as long as she has. Due to her persistence, along with the success of the program, Winder’s Rising Star Youth Training Center has become an athletic staple in Craig.

“Cammy has grown her gymnastics gym Rising Star from just a couple of kids to now proving a safe and fun place for families. From gymnastics and ninja classes to birthday parties Cammy tries to have something for everyone,” said Jodie Fallis, who nominated Winder for “20 Under 40.” “In addition to her business, Cammy works for the movie theater here in town. She is happy to volunteer for any of her kids’ classrooms or other activities. She always has a smile on her face and finds solutions when faced with challenges. Cammy is a great example of a successful and positive leader for our kids in this community.”

Invested in children and hoping to make a difference with the youths in the area is what continues to drive Winder, while also focusing on family made Winder an easy choice for the Craig Press section.

In your chosen career field, how has the job evolved since you first began?

Honestly I didn’t expect to have the gym open this long. I was just looking for something fun for kids to do here and couldn’t see Craig losing another place for little kids. I started thinking I was just going to have a fun gymnastics place and it has now become not only a fun place to be but I have 4 traveling competitive teams. We have started making a name for ourselves at competitions because our girls represent our community everywhere we travel with kindness and enthusiasm. Our girls are very supportive of not only their teammates but also the other girls they compete against.  

How do you feel your line of work is different from someone in a similar job a generation before you?

In my line of work it is vastly different than it was 10 years ago based on the ever-changing curriculum and standards for gymnastics. In addition to our gymnastics training we have added a Ninja Program for boys and girls. 

What kind of challenges do you feel like you and your coworkers will face in the next decade?

Our biggest challenge will be maintaining an affordable program while continuing to keep our high standards of education.

What is the most rewarding part of your job on a day to day basis?

Oh, 100% the kids are my reward! I love talking to them and listening to them. I love helping my team girls reach their goals at a meet or conquer their fears. Last year I was able to take myself and 8 of my employees to a national gymnastics training in Kansas City Missouri and there we were able to meet multiple Olympic gymnasts including Lauri Hernandez and Simone Biles. One of my most rewarding memories was taking our qualifying girls to regionals in Galveston Texas and our team was recognized by a group of parents on the shuttle bus from the airport. It was noted that our team we so much like a family and they could see the love the girls and coaches had for each other.

If you hadn’t gone down your particular career path, what else would you have liked to do with your life?

I would have loved to go to school for cosmetology. I love doing hair and makeup! Luckily in gymnastics we have to have competition hair and I get to help the girl get their hair braided and beautiful before every competition! 

What types of jobs would you avoid at all costs?

I am a people person so I would avoid any job that I would have to do alone. 

How do you feel your work-life balance differs from those of your parents/grandparents?

My work-life is centered around my children and family. My children are with me at work almost everyday! I do not work a regular 8-5 job. Sometimes I work a 14-hour day. But my husband and I juggle it very well and we are all along for the ride!  

How do you feel everyday life is better or worse in 2020 with certain technology shifts?

I have a love-hate relationship with technology! I love it because it helps me to do my job and communicate easier. I love that I can become a member of a coaches only gymnastics group and ask specific questions about a skill and get real answers back within minutes! I hate it for the social media part of it. People can be so rude behind a keyboard and they will type such hurtful things so easily without even thinking about the effect it would have on someone if they had to say it to their face. I have a lot of teens in my program and I never know the battles they could be fighting any given day with someone that just cannot be nice! It is heartbreaking. 

What kind of strengths or weaknesses do you believe your generation brings to your career field?

The strength is definitely that we are able to better educate ourselves quickly. If we have a problem or a question we can quickly resolve or answer it with the help of social media special interest groups. We have used technology to market our businesses and put ourselves out there to be easily found by consumers.  

How do you feel your generation fits into Moffat County’s future?

I believe my generation is a generation of goal seekers. I have seen so many of my colleagues set out to make this community a better place to live and be successful at it! I think our community is in good hands and we will continue to build this community and make it a place to root our families.

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