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Lance Scranton

It’s pretty clear that over the past two or three years many people have been conditioned to just keep quiet and do what they are told. Sure, during an emergency, it’s important to follow the voices of authority who represent the people who know what we all should be doing so we don’t all go running around like scared cats.

But things have settled down, more information is available, so-called experts have admitted some mistakes, and here we are all these months later with most people determined to rediscover some sense of normal activity.

Critics maintain that there will never be a normal again and hold the panicked measures of “emergencies” over our heads to quell any kind of dissent from their expertly crafted behavioral management theories about what is best for all of us to follow.

Nobody ever wants to fall victim to hurt or harm because of irresponsible actions or carelessness, but we are seeing proof positive that there is a concerted effort by some in power to try and manage every instance of our lives including how we visit people (vaccine passports), what type of news we consume (fact checkers), how much we can speak up about things we find disagreeable (school board meetings), and how exactly we define basic biological identity (athlete of the year/woman of the year).

Most arguments center around the new-fangled idea that if you are not an expert in a particular field then you have no right to make assertions or theorize about things you haven’t studied for years. It’s just one more attempt to push voices out of the conversations that we should be having about issues that are important in our nation. Being targeted as a bigot, homophobe, conspiracy theorist, or any number of charges against your character make it difficult to speak up against things you might not agree with.

If you think you know everything, have all the answers, are certain about the science, can’t stand stupid people, or hate those who have an R or a D in front of their political affiliation, then we are going to have some big problems moving forward in our republic. Nobody knows everything, the answers are more complex than we think, science has never been settled, and those with different opinions than you aren’t stupid, nor has hate ever solved anything except to close off our ability to learn from each other.

Your voice is important. Your voice is as important to the conversation as anyone else’s. Your voice adds to the conversation so we can figure things out. Your voice reflects who you are and nobody else is as good at being you than yourself. The slings and arrows of hate and bigotry find unusual friends when they are trying to send a message that you should be quiet and do what you are told because your voice isn’t important or valid.

Keep talking, speak up, consider your viewpoint and share it, hold people accountable for the things they say by having discussions and we will have gone a long way to reestablishing what has made our country free, fair, and the place where really bad ideas won’t escape the purview of common sense.

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