Working on Next Christmas |

Working on Next Christmas

Diane Prather
Pipi's Pasture

It might seem odd that I’m already planning ahead to Christmas 2022 since we just celebrated Christmas 2021 a couple of days ago. This past Christmas was “different” for our family — not bad — just “different.” For one thing, this year it was a challenge to plan the usual holiday activities around work schedules so festivities were held at untraditional times — even opening gifts. No matter, though, Santa still arrived, gifts were opened, holiday food devoured, and everyone enjoyed time together.

The other “difference” this year involved gift giving, and that’s why I’m working on next Christmas already. It all started a month or so before Christmas. I picked up a pile of “disposable” cameras that I had set on one side of my desk and took them into Craig for processing—finally. I’m ashamed to admit that I had taken the pictures several years ago and no longer had any idea what was on the film.

I got the photos back in a week, and although the colors were off a bit in some of them, they still brought back memories of family occasions, such as granddaughter Jessica’s high school graduation (awhile back). I decided to use some of the photos as a Christmas gift so I purchased some little photo books. I slipped Jessica’s photos into the pockets of one book and then selected some photos of friends and school events for her brother Jaycee and put them in another book. I added comments of my memories and wrapped up the books.

I have plenty of photos left, plus all of those saved over the years, so I have decided to sort through them over the next year and make some memories — and Christmas presents. But that isn’t all. I sorted through some clippings and other things and found some memory items and put them in frames — more gifts. I enjoyed making this sort of gifts but want to spend more time on them, thus getting a start on the next year. And why stop there? Perhaps I could make books of my favorite recipes or write some stories… there are so many possibilities.

Of course, giving photos isn’t a unique idea. This year I received an “Alaskan” bag that closes with a zipper. My family in Alaska gave me a bag of items with an Alaskan theme. Items inside included Alaskan wildflower seeds, candy bars made in an Alaskan candy company, Alaskan salmon jerky, Alaskan blueberry tea, and more, plus three photo books with pictures of my great-grandchildren and those of the adults as well, all doing activities they enjoy so much.

This was not the only thoughtful gift I received, and this column doesn’t allow enough space to list them all. Suffice to say that this past Christmas was “different” for me because gifts were made/given after a lot of thought, and the gifts I gave were meant to be special. I enjoyed every minute I spent making them. I’m looking forward to making those for Christmas 2022.

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