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What Difference Does it Make?

Diane Prather
Pipi's Pasture

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed that people are a little disgruntled (for lack of a better word) — perhaps even close to being depressed. They talk about the far-reaching effects of COVID, increasing gas prices (inflation in general), and the fear that we may be entering World War III. I think the weather is a factor, too. Every year at this time we seem to be a little on edge with the weather’s teasing — one day it’s warm; the next it’s below zero.

It’s hard to stay optimistic, but I really try, looking for positives wherever I can find them — especially with the goofy animals around me. However, I must admit that I find myself stressed-out, more often than I care to admit. Most of the time I bring the stress on myself, too.

Yesterday I thought about how often my worrying about things is a waste of time. In the end, my worrying doesn’t usually make any difference at all. For example, there’s always the chance that blowing snow drifts the lane into the house so much that I can’t get the car out. Two kind neighbors plow it out for me, but I worry what would happen if I couldn’t get to the store to buy cat food (actually eaten by the cats, birds, and deer.)

The worry about not having enough cat food on hand led to a vow to always keep three bags of food ahead — just in case. So when I get down to one bag I worry. Talk about stress! It’s just plain stupid!

As to other examples, what difference does it make if…

  • The cows are fed a little earlier or a little later than usual while adjusting to the Daylight Saving Time change?
  • My grandson doesn’t receive his birthday package on time (after all, I already sent a card and a little money)?
  • Two bags of non-smelly trash are left on the inside front porch until tomorrow?
  • I don’t rush to Craig to buy more cat food on Sunday—to stay with my three-bag rule—when I have to go back on Monday?
  • The indoor plants are watered on Sunday instead of Saturday?
  • The indoor thermometer has quit working?
  • Some red bows, snowmen, and other Christmas decorations are still up around the house, and Easter) is approaching?
  • I didn’t get St. Patrick’s Day cards sent this year?
  • There’s a growing pile of books and papers on the chair next to the table that need to be sorted before they fall over?
  • I don’t start spring housecleaning until April, instead of during Spring Break (which is my usual habit)?

What does make a difference is that my family is safe, healthy, and happy. That’s what matters. Next week I’ll share my sister Darlene’s thoughts about the importance of humor and how she found it during a stressful situation of her own.

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