The Long Run |

The Long Run

Lance Scranton

It was a well-used, older model-type vehicle, kind of big, but so dependable. It was a little bit loud and likely wasn’t the most environmentally friendly (whatever that means these days) but it was powerful and so very useful when people needed help hauling something or carrying a load of garbage to the dump. So many times it would start right up in the morning when it wasn’t plugged in and should have been. The diesel engine was ready for every challenge, and all it ever needed was a new transmission. Some of the electronics were starting to go awry, and the gas gauge didn’t work properly, so the trip odometer was used to make sure it had enough fuel but it was a great truck!

People would comment that it was time to get rid of it and purchase something more in line with what was needed, and that another vehicle would really help make life easier. The responsible thing to do was to trade it in on another used vehicle, and the savings would be noticeable as the economic value of the trade would more than make up for the different model vehicle with less power but more fuel economy. It was the right thing to do as the old “trusted and true” that had been so dependable in good weather and bad seemed to be ready for a swap.

So, against my better judgment, the deal was made. Wow! From day one I regretted the trade and wondered if I should just go back and say that I made a mistake. But I thought that I would give it a chance, it was a used vehicle, not perfect, but I would get used to it over time. It started out a little jittery, which the shop explained was just the nature of the model — nothing to worry about. But then it began to have all kinds of mechanical issues that seemed like a big deal, but every time the shop would just keep reminding me that the make and model was a little bit hard to deal with but that everything would be okay in the long run.

It was a long, cold winter full of calls for a tow — which the shop was happy to do! Many long walks when the vehicle would break down unexpectedly — but someone was always ready to help out with a ride! Service reports that recommended the replacement of various parts of the engine, drivetrain, and electronic components – but some of it was covered under warranty and various recall notices!

One day I noticed my old vehicle in a parking lot at a local store and just had to walk by (because mine was in the shop again) and admire the old beast. The new owner was walking out, and we got to talking. He said that the vehicle is amazing! It’s a little loud but is so dependable and runs like a dream. I was jealous, and tired (from all the walking) and just wanted my old vehicle back, but it was too late and besides, the shop said that they were going to make sure that my vehicle was built back better than it had ever been before — and in the long run, this was the best vehicle for me. I just wept — but they did a great job consoling me!

It’s gonna be okay — I keep telling myself! But I know it isn’t really.

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