Stephanie Einfeld: Thanks for embracing Hospice Daffodils |

Stephanie Einfeld: Thanks for embracing Hospice Daffodils

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2018 Hospice Daffodils fundraiser. It was heartwarming to see daffodils in businesses, schools and homes throughout Moffat County. It is a testament to residents’ kindness and compassion and the tremendous community support for patients and families who benefit from our hospice care.

This year, more than 75 businesses and countless residents in Moffat County contributed to the success of this fundraiser. All proceeds from Hospice Daffodils go directly to Northwest Colorado Health’s Hospice and Palliative Care program, which serves all patients who request our end-of-life care. In many cases, expenses such as medications, equipment and bereavement support – available to families for a year following their loved one’s passing – fall short of insurance reimbursement and patients’ ability to pay. Community support through fundraisers and donations helps ensure we have skilled staff and resources and our patients are able to spend their final days in peace, comfort and dignity.

We want to extend a special thank you to florist Susanne Bostrom, who helped start this fundraiser more than 25 years ago and has volunteered her time to ensure the ordering and shipping of fresh daffodils to our communities. We are also grateful to artist Barb Ross, who gives her time and creativity to paint beautiful daffodil images sold as greeting cards. The cards, which sold out this year, bolster the success of this fundraiser.

We know you have a choice in hospice providers. Thank you to everyone who continues to choose us for your care and to those who support our efforts to build on our long history of delivering high quality hospice services.

Stephanie Einfeld

CEO of Northwest Colorado Health