Scranton: Spring is finally here |

Scranton: Spring is finally here

Lance Scranton
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The weather is warming up, the roads are clearing and the countryside is going to be green well into June with all the snow that fell on Moffat County this winter.

I’ve been part of this community for almost 22 years now and I have to say that this was the least sunny winter that I remember. However, the sun and some warmer temperatures appear to be headed our way for the next few weeks. Most ranchers and farmers that I have spoken to are fairly happy about the moisture and that the snow fell before the ground was too frozen – and that’s a good thing.

Spring also brings with it a flurry of activity as people get outside and begin doing many of the things that they couldn’t do because of snow and cold temperatures. I’m looking forward to getting a bit of sun on my older and more wrinkled skin. The streets and sidewalks will start to reveal themselves more and invite us to walk and bicycle around town or our neighborhood.

We can get off our devices and actually strike up a conversation with the people down the street or the neighbor that we haven’t spoken to since the snow started to fly.

Winter definitely prompts the retreatist in us all as we hunker down and rely heavily on warm blankets, comfortable couches and season after season of binge-worthy television.

Outside seems like a less inviting place and all the shoveling tends to put us in a less pleasant mood, which exacts a certain toll on our attitude toward the snow. But before we say goodbye to all the white stuff, it seems like we should say thanks to Old Man Winter for helping us through another spring and summer. Without the accumulation, we would all be talking about droughts, half-filled reservoirs and fires.

We will likely still experience some of nature’s summer wrath but before the old man makes his way out of Moffat County, it’s with a whole bunch of thanks and appreciation that we say goodbye.

We really do hope you come back and visit us again, but you can wait a little longer next fall, and maybe don’t keep the sun away from us so much next time. And, if you can manage it, a little less snow but just enough to get us through the next summer season.

Spring has sprung and before we know it, summer will be here!

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