Lance Scranton: Prepare for the season |

Lance Scranton: Prepare for the season

Lance Scranton
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Everyone is getting ready for their version of the season which brings 2019 to a close.

Some, myself included, choose to prepare for Christmas by celebrating the birth of a Savior who would make an indelible, historic, and radical imprint on the history of the last 2000 years. Religions fight and argue, others think his name shouldn’t be uttered, but many consider the gift and sacrifice Jesus Christ made to be the defining hope of a people, and the prime indicator that all in the world is not as it should — or could — be.

It really isn’t about religion, which is a burdensome number of man-made rules for accessing God. No theologian or philosopher, no matter their spiritual acumen, can ever separate the reality of a man who came into the world for one reason: to show us that we need to deny ourselves more, accept the messiness of an imperfect world, and work out our individual and collective decisions with a measure of grace, mercy, and a large portion of understanding.

Seasons help us measure time and anticipate what is coming up in our lives. The next few weeks will be marked by festivities that include food, fun, and frolic. The days will be filled with anticipation of a few days off, maybe a little bit of rest, and the opportunity to visit or catch up with family. We will all be a bit more friendly, maybe wish people a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, and perhaps even offer some of our advantage to help out those less fortunate.

We all prepare for the season a little bit differently but all of us hope that with the surge in goodwill and peace that perhaps the sacrifice of those who have gone before us might help us realize that we individually can make the world a more pleasant place to be living.

It has been the hope for thousands of years; that people will reach for something beyond and outside themselves and make the world a better place to live.

However you prepare for the season individually; lean on the realization that there are others who have made sacrifices that we can live a life of comparable comfort and let’s all focus on what makes our lives worth living.

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