Scranton: Go ahead |

Scranton: Go ahead

Lance Scranton
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Yes, it’s time to bite the bullet, take the horse by the reins, the bull by the horns, and just get it done! Why wait any longer? Why drag it out? No more deliberation or consideration. It’s time that the House do their job and do what they were elected to do: impeach President Trump and let’s get this over with so we can move on to the next news cycle.

If we have to listen to much more of the partisan drivel coming out of the mouths of those who have impeachment fever; we will all need stronger coffee to make sense of the obvious tortured logic that we are seeing from the House Judiciary and the talking points that are repeated ad nauseam every time a question is asked.

It is the Christmas season and we should all be getting ready for a month of celebrating the season with thoughts of peace, harmony, and good will to all. But some in our government have determined that their “responsibility to the constitution” demands that they “bear the burden of this extremely serious crisis” and perform their “duty to the American people.”

It is getting so very difficult to listen to officials, that supposedly represent us, speak in terms that are designed to push a narrative of moral responsibility and constitutional certainty when the hypocrisy is so clearly evident that you hope they have trouble sleeping at night. It has become clearer and clearer in our country that if you disagree with someone politically, there is a complete scorched earth mentality.

Sure, President Trump says some things that are harsh, not what we are used to from politicians, and sometimes offensive, but he does something that so many people identify with: he fights back, he counters, he tweets, he uses social media. Politicians, in the spirit of Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Obama took the “higher ground” and spoke in platitudes when attacked by people who had policy or political differences.

But President Trump is cut from a different cloth and does things differently, and governs in a way that makes many in the bureaucratic class upset. There was a time when policy differences mattered but the country was first so you carried out the will of the President. Those days are over and should a political party or unelected governmental department decide that they don’t like who the electorate elected, they will take matters into their own hands.

Given the state of our present economy, stock market, and unemployment rate alone, we should all be celebrating. But, there are those who won’t, never will, can’t bring themselves, refuse to give credit, and are setting up a type of way forward that will mean years of constant misuse of power and position to destroy the will of the people who the government is supposed to represent.

I’m not sure what the way back looks like, and maybe we never will find a path toward a more respectful way to deal with our differences but it’s the time of season when we can hope, wish, even pray, that things could be different. Christmas is coming and I know that one of my wishes will be for Santa to bring us all a little bit of peace and cooperation – no matter our differences because that is something I thought we all celebrated in our country.

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