Scranton: Gas and government |

Scranton: Gas and government

Lance Scranton
For the Craig Press


Why (again) does it seem like gas is more expensive in Craig than anywhere else in Colorado? There has been much said about supply chain issues since the onset of the year-long epidemic we hopefully have put in the rearview mirror. It has been explained that Craig is the last on the delivery line, and that is the major reason that gas prices are more here than anywhere along your travel routes. Gas is a full dollar higher than a year ago, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get cheaper anytime soon.

People who complain about our high gas prices are told by some that maybe we need to drive less. But, it’s Summer! Restrictions have been lifted! We get to go places! People are excited! Until they get to the pump. California is up over $4.00 for a gallon of regular, so we shouldn’t complain too much. But a decrease in demand and higher prices per barrel of oil are two of the major issues, according to AAA. Back in 2008, we suffered through some higher-than-usual gas prices and hoped that we wouldn’t see those days again.

Gas is a pretty important commodity when you need it for transportation, jobs, or recreation. We all need to get places, drop kids off, buy groceries, fill up machinery, and travel to the places that we work. It’s always been easy for some people to pontificate about cleaner energy vehicles like electric cars and trucks. And that would be great when the government stops pouring billions into propping up companies that promise the rewards we will soon get from electric cars, solar energy and wind production.

“Clean” energy is kinda like masks — do they really do what they purport to do? Many companies and organizations jump on the bandwagon to install these technologies because government uses our tax money to make it a little bit easier to overlook the actual cost per kilowatt or what wind turbines and solar panels do to the planet. Technology that generates power and decreases our carbon footprint is a complex set of issues that aren’t really talked about honestly.

As long as President Biden and his pals keep promising that they are going to rid the planet of filthy pollutants like coal and oil, we will likely be paying more for many things that used to seem reasonable like power for our houses and fuel for our vehicles. People are fond of saying that, “this too shall pass” but the only thing being passed seems to be the cost of living onto us.

Hopefully you will get out this Summer and take a trip or go recreate. Don’t get too hung up on the price of fuel, because it is a small sacrifice now for the reward you’ll get later from visiting family and spending time with people you care about. Hopefully we will be able to afford enough fuel to drive down and vote in upcoming elections when we get to decide if this is the future we think we want.

Nevertheless, have a great Summer and I’ll see you around town — but I’ll likely be using my bicycle a bit more than usual — which is likely good for me!

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