Scranton: Don’t let ‘bummer summer’ get you down |

Scranton: Don’t let ‘bummer summer’ get you down

Lance Scranton
For the Craig Press

Spoke with my parents who live in Canada this past Father’s Day weekend and I’m happy to report that all is well — well almost.

After wishing my Dad a happy Father’s Day and getting caught up with news, he explained that when they attend church services, it is outdoors and they are supposed to wear masks and aren’t allowed to sing! I couldn’t believe it so I asked him to repeat it. It’s true! Way up in Canada, they are being “super” careful. My parents are older so they want to make sure they take the necessary precautions because COVID and its variants disproportionately affect their age group. Bummer!

Planning a trip up North? Not gonna happen. The border between Canada and the U.S. is still closed and will be closed until mid July. Unless something changes, our plan to drive up for an extended vacation will be thwarted once again. It’s been a few years since I’ve made the trip up to British Columbia to visit Shuswap Country where my parents retired quite a few years ago. It’s a beautiful area but a shame that we will have to wait one more year to visit. Bummer for Vacationers!

Water is an issue in our part of the state and it looks like we will be hit with some potential restrictions if things don’t change in the near future. We got about 38 seconds of rain on Saturday and while all of us were likely hoping for more, the weather just isn’t cooperating right now. Climate “Catastrophers” are telling us all that we need to make some serious changes in our lifestyles or we will need to get used to this kind of weather. I’ve been following their models for predicted weather events and effects of man-made global warming for many years and I have to say that I’m glad most of the time they have over predicted. But, if we all just learn to live a more earth-friendly lifestyle, China can continue to build all those coal-fired power plants for their “developing” nation (As of 2020, 350 coal-fired power plants are under construction around the world, 184 in China with the rest underway in other parts of the world). Bummer for the U.S.!

From COVID to CO2; we are battling for the future welfare of those we care most deeply about. People are embracing an obsession with safety. Society has changed since COVID made people scared to even be around others or CO2 made people determine that there are just too many irresponsible people on the planet. The ramifications have not been entirely positive as we have seen an uptick in censorship on social media and people being intimidated to not share their views which used to be an issue every political party held in high regard. Bummer for free speech!

Hey, Summer does kind of look like a bummer as you survey the current landscape, but I like to remember that while it may seem like a bummer right now, Summer can turn into something we can all get excited about if we keep smiling and treat each other decently. Nobody knows what exactly the future holds, but based on the past, I’m hopeful that we will get through all of this and things will get better!

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