Lance Scranton: Disease of jealousy |

Lance Scranton: Disease of jealousy

Lance Scranton
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It’s apparent many people in our country — and our town — place much of their hope and happiness in the failures of others.

I’ve read enough, and lived in Craig long enough to realize that we’ve taken a turn for the worse when it comes to our collective fortunes. At the highest levels of our federal government it is only possible to show how successful your political party is by pointing out the failures of the other.

Unfortunately, every politician and their party has failures and their opponents are more than willing to point each one out incessantly. Should a particular news outlet have ideological disagreements, they will use any failure as a battering ram to make themselves feel better about attacking their rival.

It’s difficult to make much sense out of what’s happening in our country because of the constant stream of failures that inundate the news feeds everyday. I know that our economy is great, unemployment is low, we’re securing our borders, and the stock market gains are making many people very happy.

I’m certain that these would all be reasons for us to feel better about our country and celebrate. But most of the focus is on the perceived failures the opposing political parties continually talk about.

Locally, we sometimes find it difficult to get out of our own way because some can’t stand the other finding any kind of success. Maybe new marijuana laws aren’t my cup of tea but I’m hopeful that the city will achieve some kind of success by taking advantage of the current appetite for cannabis.

Updates and investments in our local buildings and institutions find resistance because some locals can’t stand the idea that things might get a little bit better than when they were younger.

It’s a curious turn of events when any kind of progress or improvement is scuttled because people can’t stand to watch someone else succeed or get the credit for doing something good for our community.

The disease of jealousy can tear apart the great things that are in store for our community and our country. The only inoculation that I know of against the destructive effects of stagnation due to jealousy and an undue focus on failure, is the realization that the good things that happen to others eventually help every one of us.

Better days are ahead for our country and our community if we can find the courage to celebrate the successes of others; even those with whom don’t always agree.

Get behind what’s good no matter who gets the credit and things will look so much better in 2020 and you’ll feel better about yourself too!

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