Scranton Column: You’re cancelled! |

Scranton Column: You’re cancelled!

Lance Scranton

Remember back in the day when your favorite television show was cancelled? It was weird because you get caught up in the characters and the whole concept of the series and then suddenly it’s gone. Sorta leaves a hole in your television viewing until the star of the show finds another role and then you just can’t see them as the new character or you’re still mad that they cancelled your favorite show.

Yeah, it’s weird but that’s kinda how we think as a culture and we’ve now taken it to a whole new level. Cancel Culture isn’t just a thing – it’s a movement! There are people all over our country just waiting for someone to “take a stand” or “express an opinion” or make a little tiny mistake and it’s over.

Think about how many times you’ve had the urge in the last few months to speak up and say something but thought that it would likely be better if you didn’t because of the potential ramifications to your job, your family, your reputation and now apparently your neighborhood or your house.

There is definitely a culture of intimidation on the rise in many areas of our republic and the only solution is for people to rely on the principle of free and fair exchange of ideas.

It’s a major support system in our democratically elected form of government and while many people are arguing back and forth about the latest Democrat and Republican conventions, it’s very evident that those people are speaking their minds and letting people know how they feel.

Used to be that people said what they said and you listened and then if your idea was worth considering, it might be something you pondered for a time and then acted on. But that takes time.

We don’t have that kind of time anymore because everything has to be done and decided as quickly as possible and if you are worried at all about being wrong, then it’s best just to do nothing. People used to say crazy things and news agencies flocked to get an interview so that people could see just how crazy the idea was and their thinking was exposed.

Dialogue is different today.

Many people don’t express their views or are shouted down by people who don’t want them to be heard or there is a march toward cancelling their ability to even speak on their ideas.

It’s a shame that we have such thin skin and people focus only on what we look like instead of why we think the way we do. There is room to make our country an even better place to live but right now it’s being taken hostage by those who seem to want to destroy everything about our culture.

It’s frustrating and has a destructive influence on our young people who are just getting ready to go out into the world.

What do they say? How do they say it? Should they say anything?

Not a great way to live.

Not a great reflection of our democracy and the foundation that has changed the lives of so many people who seek out opportunities to enrich the American experience instead of trying to destroy and dismantle our freedoms.

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